titties and beer

Last night was UV Ray / Roni Size. I hung around work until 6pm to wait for my peeps. I am walking out with a co-worker (Sleep with me Josh) and he turns to me:: “who are these hoodlums outside?” Ha! Turns out to be Zander and Zac. They were chilling outside on the park benches reading the city paper! Woo…they didnt get lost. Go Figure! The first time I went to the station I got lost for two hours!! So after a 30 second tour of my “office” we venture out to get some grub. We end up at Rockville’s Chipotle. It rocks and they (Zander and Zac) have never experienced the fajita of love! It was dope as always. Then we headed out to 930 Club.

Last time Sabby put me on the guest list things got messed up…so i was a little weary. (See Yuval conversation below) I did pull some connections at work to get a photo pass for the gig. So the irony could have been having a photo pass but no passes to get in. Har Har…So I get in fine other than having only one pass, so I then proceed to be clever and show her the “3” on the Photo pass saying it’s +3 for Zander, Zac and Skeletor’s friend, and it worked! Bitchin’ Little did she know that the “3” meant the pass was for the first “3” songs of Roni Size.

There was some local opening DJ thing….boring…then UV Ray came on and rocked me like a hurricane….they were great…got good pictures that will be up asap. At the end Yuval (the drummer) came up to me and shook my hand and thanked me for coming out and motions his hand over his ear like “call me!” But his phone sucks soooooooooooo bad, so maybe he was just kidding. It would have been nice to say HI to Sabby and thanks him for the passes, but what can a dude do. Roni rocked…but their set was virtually identical to Philly’s friday show. The only noticable difference were the joints thrown on stage throughout the show just after Roni started hitting a joint. Therefore backing my theory that drugs in DC are far superior to that of Philly. Maybe cleaner. Maybe stronger. Maybe DC just rocks more than any other city. You can’t fuck with a city with such a stout mass transit subway. Just think about it…

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