scary monsters

jessie as viewed by matPurchased vinyl music this weekend: Frank Zappa’s in new york (live), David Bowie’s singles, Bruce Springsteen’s dancing in the dark 12″ mixes.

This weekend was dope. I got to hang with Jessie H (Stanky Pants), and see UV Ray, & Roni Size. Friday night was Roni Size and UV Ray. It was at the Trocadero in Philly. I really liked that place. It wasn’t as cool as a 930 Club but the sound was good and the place was nice and clean. After some screw up with the guest list I gave Yuval a call on his cell. “[crackle] Yuval, our names are [crackle] not on the guest [crackle] list…” “Ok, [crackle] send [crackle]-one out” “ok [click]” Two minutes later Sabby comes out to get us in. We chat for a few and then he says “I gotta get back to the boys to ‘write the setlist'” Little did he know that I know they only have 6 songs! We dug the UV Ray and even got to witness a new song! Watching ‘drum and bass people’ dance is funny. I looked at each person and deducted to which drugs each person was on. It was sorta a game. I came to the conclusion that the kids dressed up like Cub Scouts prolly weren’t on drugs, they were just plain dumb. Then after some sound problems they ended. It was a really tight show. They get better each time I see them. The a DJ from Roni Size did some DJing. I am still not too impressed with that art-form. Christian Marclay on the otherhand is a DJ that makes DJing an artform. Jessie and I danced for a few songs. Well, is should rephrase that. Jessie danced. Mat hopped up and down to the beat. Then i walked around and watched from farther back. Jessie did however dance for a full 4 hours and was sweatier than a dog in heat during the summer.

The reason I was so tired was that I had to get up at 5am that morning for KEGS AND EGGS in DC with the morning show for DC101. I was even on the news. Channels NBC, Fox5 and Channel 8 covered the even and I was on their show a few times. Famous Mat! Hahahaha. There were boobies though, so getting up early was well worth it! Time may change me, but I can’t change time.

Saturday it was all rainy and cold and icky. Jessie H had to get up early for some Psycho-Ward training or something. She’s gonna be a great head-doc someday. There is one smart girlio. Kinda cute too! But anyways…I got up around 9am and watched TV and watched a movie all from the comfort of her bed. It was warm and soft. Even the pillows rocked and i am so not a pillow person. Damn I want that bed! Then she came back and we chilled for a little then darted to get food! I fell in love with the waiter at where ever (i forgot) we ate. Jen was her name, and she would not stop smiling. Well ok, I didnt fall in love with her. But it was fun to say so. She was really nice tho. Then we went down to Philly to chill on the street they call South Street. Checked out some CD stores, some vinyl stores, and some just bizzare, random place. Even went to a shoe / bong store. Fun stuff man! Then Saturday night came and we ate dinner there in Philly. It was St. Patty’s nite so it was a little hectic there, but we managed to get by. We ended up calling it a nite a little early, cos we both slept little the nite before and came home and got in bed and watched Sat. Nite Live until the TV shut off and we slept. Wow, technology.

Jessie H. i’ve known since HS. She’s one of those girls that has stayed my good friend through the thick and thin. We used to lay out on her hammock when we were on summer college breaks and smoke pot until we were silly. She’s truely a great friend and one of those people who you can make fun of all the time and she’ll hit you back, but it’s all in good taste. Actually, her father is the main reason why I am friends with her. He’s very passionate about the band CREAM. I like that more than her. Hahaha, I am so kidding, I just wanted to see if she says anything about that to me to see if she ever reads my site. Anyways…hope you all had a fab weekend.

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