so dig away!

being frankSo today was a busy one. I met with people at Enigma Digital. They are the people who are doing all the back-end stuff for the webpage I work on for DC101. They are really nice people, but they have got to get their shit together. So my job today was to rip the VP a new one. I did just that, but in a nice mild mannered way. It was also cool having the General Manager and the Marketing Manager of the station backing my ass. Tag-Team man!

So after that happened this morning and after our dopely catered lunch from the Corner Bakery I went back to the station and watched some Basketball…it’s so funny how intense it is for some people. I always have appreciated sports fans. I have always associated with those people the way I am with music. Those people know stats and what not about how many free throws so and so made during what year…and I can tell you what make and model guitar Jimmy Page used during the 1973 Led Zeppelin Tour. It’s the same thing. I just prefer the rock. Although those last 2 minutes in a basketball game are pretty intense and fun!

I got home a little late tonight cos of the pouring down rain. People are so funny. A little rain and it’s like 15 mph driving! Fucking DC man. So I get home and see there is a package for me from a TV show named “The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn” It was addressed to “Mat ‘the Cat'” and it could only be from the OPUS man himself! Opus got me a book about Frank Zappa. It’s even autographed by the author! #1 that is just so dope! #2 that is just even that more dope that he thought of me. I cant thank this man enough. Be sure to send a shout out to him and tell him he is the mutha fuckin’ man! He also crossed his 7’s for all you ladies out there! You know about men that cross their 7’s!!! Hehehehe…and again, thanks OpusMo! Oh yeah, he has a website and it rocks!!! Be sure to check it out at and find the video he did on the dog pooh. You’ll be crying from the funny-ness factor.

If anyone is in the Philly area tomorrow, they should definately check out the Trocadero on Friday as RONI SIZE will be playing with UV RAY. UV RAY has SEBASTIAN STEINBERG and YUVAL GABAY from SOUL COUGHING in it as well as some more dope ass cats. They play the live organic drum and bass! Be sure to check it out. They’ll both also be playing NYC on Sat and DC at 930 Club on Monday! Check it out man!

opus mo rocks!

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