i chased the charm

proofIt’s bizzare. I haven’t not posted in this long of a time, in a long time. It’s also bizzare if I look back to my old posts how small my posts were. Anyways. I got a new CD today. I got the Flaming Lips “In a Priest Driven Ambulance.” This is the first Lips’ CD recommended by the band. The ones before that were just kinda blantantly bad. And not in that good kind of way, either. I was also supposed to get this 8 song EP from right after Transmissions from the Satellite Heart. But the dude sent the LP after Transmissions not the EP…arg…people are dumb. But at least Tchad Blake mixed the stereo imaging for Ruby Vroom from the drummer’s perspective. The way it should be.

So this past weekend was OM Fest:: DC. Much of a fun time was at least held by me. On Saturday, Jess and I head out to the Metro around 1. We get a call from Zander and Zac…”We, uh, gonna be a little late” Of course. They (more so with Zander) are awful at getting ready. Almost as bad as Jess. So anyways…we (me and Jess) get to Dupont Circle in DC and meet up with Brian. For some reason I imagined Elle to be there first. But alas, Brian is there with his already burnt nose! Poor thing. We chat and look at his World Booky thing. Finally Zander and Zac appear. Another weird order of events. Zander and Zac both beat Elle as well. Finally we see her and I bark a little at her. Wooo! We did it. Now we are off to find a place to eat. We sorta walk around for a while and end up at this semi-dive bar. This bar is however oozing with charm. We all order our drinks from the cool accented man. A few of us get real “beverages” the others just get cokes. I got a Heiny. It’s been a while. Dad used to always drink that when I was in High School and would always hook me up with one and even then I could barely finish one. After Zac fully admitted to having bad taste in music, I went upstairs to potty. I then found the best bathroom ever. The wall read “Frank Zappa is God” This is fact, of course, but it’s not widely known. That bathroom rocked.

Then we all hopped back on the Metro and headed for the Mall (Smithsonian area) in DC. There we waited for Daniel to show. He finally called me on my cell and said he was over by the buses. He was making a funny. Haha! So he finally makes it over to us after the Boy Scout Brian turns on his homemade homing beacon he made out of common table salt. After making friends with the German tourist who were looking for Arlington Cemetary in DC, and the tourgroup in all tacky shirts, we headed for the Metro again. I will still think of that transvestite that mashed his plush boobies in my face that one fateful nite with Addy. We take the Metro to U Street/Cardoza to get to the Wilson Center

After way more than 4-5 blocks we find it. It’s pretty far from the Metro so my legs in fact, now, are still sore from that. We later find out there was a Metro stop litterally one block behind the Wilson Center. Damn the man, and his damn tourbook! Upon walking in to the Wilson Center Welch finds me! Wow…He was quick to the punch. Then we all ate dinner at a pretty cooley mexican place. Yum!!! It was so good, but i barely could eat anything. Maybe it was just really filling. The opening bands as always, sucked. The Dismemberment Plan went on before expected. There are always firsts for punk rock time! The dancing man was there this time as well. He’s been at every Dismemberment Plan show I’ve seen. Perhaps a mascot of somesort? Haha. The show was pretty good. Nothing like a Ft Reno show. I really liked that basement of a church venue though. Mega punk rock. Mega cool. Other than the more annoying than ska-dancers the show was pretty decent. After the show at the Metro i spotted a dude with a MARBLE 7″ It was the 7″ i produced. Made me feel mega special………..woooo! Then we all went home and I slept…Ask yourself the question, anyone but me

Oh yeah. My sister got engaged this weekend to her long time boyfriend. Go her! I will have a brother-in-law. Ahhh…I always thought I’d get married first, as well. I gotta get cooking!

Observations from the weekend:
-Elle can be very witty even if she doesn’t speak
-Elle also realized soon after I was barking at her
-Brian is very worldly and resourceful
-Zac still listens to very mainstream music
-Zander is still a Vixen
-Welch is very fucking cool for a 16 year old
-Welch’s friend talks little and eats little
-Daniel is cool for brining me a Tortoise CD!
-Jess coughed more this weekend, than in my whole life
-Mat will never learn to play golf even though his soon-to-be-brother-in-law plays it
-Zac always gets props for being the first ever and consistant OM billboard
-Next time if you are late, that if your tough shit!

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