put holes in the tin foil

burt car, and my dad walked away unharmed...Addy and I finally hit the road to Philly around mid day. He fell asleep for most of the trip. In fact once we got on the interstate he was out cold. I got to listen to some good music on the way. Roadtrip music: Prince’s hit vol 1-2-3, Polvo’s celebrate, Flaming Lips’ transmissions, David Bowie’s rarest live, A Minor Forest’s constituent, idlewild’s 100 broken windows, Ramones’ mania, Sonic Youth’s screaming fields, Black Sabbath’s paranoid, Iggy Pop’s sister midnight, Butthole Surfer’s Pyschic… and one of Addy’s Sonic Youth boot.

We got to Jessie Belle’s place just before dinner. Ran a little late as we got out on the road a little late. Addy did stay up late the night before with the Baltimore Poon. Anyways…so we get to Jessie’s place with no problem whatsoever. I love people who give good directions and make fun of the fact i am awful with directions. Or maybe it’s the fact that Jessie Belle knows she can make fun of me and i let her. Anyways…after we (Addy and Jessie Belle) part-take in the festivities and I make the great suggestion of popping holes in a piece of tin-foil we vamos to eat dinner. We end up at the diner down the street. Flo is out waiter(ress). I kid you not. She was kinda fucked up. But i guess working at a diner that long will do that to you. I got a salad with honey mustard (like for chicken nuggets). Jessie pointed this out to me, so I ate the salad dry. Yum! Also got some pancakes. How can a diner fuck up a salad. But somehow, as it seems when i am with Jessie, it’s all rockin’, or at least it all turns out for the best in the end.

We get to the Trocadero around 8ish. There is a line. There is a line. There is a line. It litterally went around the building like 4 blocks. Big time line. I don’t get Philly. I mean is is relatively nice to look at. But it still is pretty useless to me. Their clubs are wack. It’s also pretty hard to fuck with 9:30 Club. There was a nice normal girl in the line behind us who was a little too talkative to my liking. Especially for a stranger. So we finally get in there and Addy goes and takes a pee-pee. We then venture upstairs…find a nice seat and keep it there…the first band was uneventful. They were called Fursaxa. The singer (who knew one note) had a french accent at the beginging of the show and at the end was American. Weird. But towards the end of their set the set became excrusiatingly annoying to watch. Droney music is not to be watched. It should be heard like on a stereo at home or with headphones when you’re on the computer. Blah…there are exceptions, but not with them. Then Chris Lee came on. He may have been more interesting if the soundman hadn’t sucked. But prolly not. As you can’t polish a turd. Yes, when you hit a stomp box on a bass the volume could fluxuate. Oooops. I liked the drummer and the bassist cos he used a fuzz stomp box. The guitar/singer person was a little boring. Reminded me of a jeff buckley type thing, at least in style. If i heard the phrase “Singer ‘slash’ Songwriter” one more time, you will get a DM up yer arse. Finally he was done and then we had to painfully wait 60 more minutes for the Youth to come on. This was to be my first. I had missed them almost 4 times in DC when I wanted to go or was in town. A few times in TN. Blah! It was just never a priority, obviously. So here I was. Why do the soundmen take forever to set shit up?

Yes the show was great. I have always loved Lee’s playing and inteseness. Seeing him live and seeing some of his tricks, solidified it that much more. Lee is a guitar god. At the end there was this symphonic wall of feedback. Instead of the sound coming from Lee’s amp and guitar; the sound was going TO his guitar. It was that magical. Thurston, in the first few songs dedicated a song to Joey Ramone. That was nice and a very tender moment. A bizzare event was some dude yelling: “Kill Limp Biscuit” & “Kill M&M” Very weird. Phose Philly people. Some treats at the show included some of my favorite Youth songs: 100%, Brother James, Burning Spear, Tom Violence, Mote, and Teenage Riot. Strange how 10 years of nostalgia rushed thru my head when they started playing Teenage Riot. Also, they played “She Is Not Alone” from their first EP. Addy who has copius amounts of bootlegs and live shows and every SY release in their original pressing had never heard this live nor had heard of a guy with it taped. Granted we are both out of the loop with tape trading, but I thought that was exciting. Blah blah…Oh yeah, and the infamous Jim O’Rourke was there playing aux guitar and occational laptop/keyboard. He was there but didn’t notice him too much…

Then we came home to Jessie’s place. We got hungry and made fishsticks. Yum! Jessie Belle added her “special seasonings” and played musical fishsticks for a little. Then we got to eat them. Addy fell alseep pretty early so he didnt even get to sleep on the bed. Nor hear all of Jessie Belle’s fun nightly noises. Before we fell asleep we did watch a Saturday Night Live. Needless to say, it wasn’t funny. I want to see Blow.

I took over 100 pictures. I included maybe 20 on the portfolio part of my website. You can get there by clicking on the forth box up top in that menu thing. They are very time lapsed. I am really loving time lapsed photography. Is that even a style? I guess it is now. We’ll call it “Mat” – Also there are photos up in the “photos from travels…”

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  • thanks for the story, i’d been in suspense all day! glad you finally got the full Sonic experience. what SY boot of Zethon’s did you listen to on the ride?

    //If i heard the phrase “Singer ‘slash’ Songwriter” one more time, you will get a DM up yer arse.//

    is that a direct Chris Lee quote? because i know he personally despises that phrase/label himself. anyway, he rules, too bad you couldn’t see him in a more intimate atmosphere. being close enough to hear the man’s voice unamplified is a real treat.

    the photos are hott, too. did you doctor them to be all krazy blurry like that, or did they just come out that way? either way, they work. i can’t figure out how to get the individual pic URLs, though. i wanna use the reddish Steve one for my BBS member pic.

  • all done with the camera…i only messed with the contrast a little digitally…most of the shots were .5 – 2 seconds worth of exposure…

    the only way to get that picture for yer bbs pic is to save it locally and resize it…then reupload it somewhere


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