ozone feet

feetnik circa 1998 - hott stuff i tell ya!Today was a wacky one. I got a call from my Mother around noon. Apparently my Father went in to work a little late. He’s working over at the Regan Building in downtown DC. Security as you can imagine is intense. It’s very tight. Anyways…he pulls in to the parking lot and his car stalls…the restarts it and he notices the engine is smoking. Must have overheated. Opens the hood and flames burst out. I kid you not. He tries to put it out, but nothing works. The parking people can’t get it out either. Meanwhile he is imagining it exploding cos the flames are close to 3 feet high how. And if it expoloded the other cars could start a chain reaction and there’d be an incident here. Meanwhile the fire alarms are going off. Prolly thought he was going to get arrested. Anyways…they put the fire out, but the car was totaled. That sucks. Dad was pretty shook up as I’d be. Why do we not use solar cars again?! Just glad he’s ok.

Someone on the BBS here mentioned something about how major labels we just plain wrong or bad or something. Basically negating their existance or something, I can’t remember the exact wording. Regardless. It was however a completely ignorant statement. I know a lot of good people that do incredible work for majors. They are not bad at all. Sure, some of the music they put out is for money and is crap. But some people do like crap. Which makes it successful music. What the hell is wrong with that? We all gotta make a living. If they wanna play the music (be it your version of crappy or not), why not. I also love a lot of bands on major labels. There are good bands on majors as well as on indies. It’s not like starshits coffee where they drive the ma’ and pa’ shops to the ground. Now that is wrong. I just think that that statement made on the BBS was made without and grounds what-so-ever. I worked with a major for almost 4 years years of my life and they were great to me. I know this from experience that majors are not that bad. Sure they may have a lot of money too. Whatever… People just need to lighten up and listen to more Prince. But wait, he got screwed by a major! Guess i am the fool. Ha! It’s America. Don’t like it, get out. I have no patience. None! Go home! Shoooooo. Be gone.

In other news, I laid out around $1000 for a new integrated amp. I couldnt be more happy. I just can’t wait for it to come! It’s all silver and doesn’t even have tone knobs. No tone knobs mean a shorter distance of innards meaning less noise. Blah blah…I have actually changed my EQ settings on my EQ board to flat. No tweaks at all anymore. And looking back I can’t believe I ever did. All those hall and concert presets on those minisystems make me laugh too. I digress. And again: I am just recalling that scene in Almost Famous where Faruza Malkualka or whatever yells, “Doesn’t anybody remember the laughter!?” I love that line. In high school Karin and I used to yell that down the hallway or something. Back then she was a larger Zeppelin fan than I…I think I am at her level now. Or something. Or something. Ha! I am in a good mood.

Mat’s Top 10 Led Zeppelin Tunes:

  1. Thank You
  2. That’s the Way
  3. Dazed and Confused
  4. Stairway to Heaven (as cliche as everyone makes it out to be, it’s a damn good song- bottom line)
  5. Kashmir
  6. When the Levee Breaks
  7. In the Light
  8. Fool in the Rain
  9. The Rain Song
  10. Out on the Tiles
  11. Carouselambra

say why each song rocks, individually..and yes, there are 11 there. But I couldn’t resist.

2 Responses to “ozone feet”

  • sorry bout’ your pops car! was it the nice white one? he must have been freakin out. sucks.

    “when the levee breaks” at number 6! are you insane? no. 1 all the way. i realized the other day how much side 2 (yes I have the tape) of Zep. 4 rocks harder than side A. yeah, I know it has Stairway and all, but the songs on side 2 put Zep into perspective for me, they fucking rock hard and can do the ballad thing better than anyone else. ever hear the Rollins cover of 4 Sticks? damn heavy.

    i heard Plant is coming again. it just ain’t Zep without Bonham. even Page and Plant isn’t enough for me. i need someone from the rhythm section. i dunno, just a crackhead i guess.

  • fool in the rain! i heard it on the radio and became obsessed with finding my tape with the song on it, which i did, and then proceeded to listen to it (logical sequence of events).

    i am the fool standing on the wrong block.

    that picture makes me think about that outfit. i might just hafta bust that one out tonight.

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