andy warhol

someday she will be mineI AM OF THE BELIEF…

  • that i have to file my first extention for my taxes
  • the reason being from blockbuster being the worst company to their employees
  • they neglected to send me my W2
  • they are fuckers
  • i love this live bowie record (rarest live)
  • after this, i will put on IDLEWILD
  • IDLEWILD in concert is way better than this CD
  • i am pretty damn sick of people IMing me about soul coughing and what doughty had for breakfast
  • i do however still love soul coughing
  • i am pretty tainted
  • i like my new computer game “Crimson Skies”
  • i watched ALMOST FAMOUS again tonite
  • i love the use of VISTALITES (those clear ludwig drums that stillwater used that were made for a few years in the early to mid 70s- and were stopped in production from the oil embargo. they were most notably used with john bonham from zeppelin…)
  • i so wish i was a teenager in 1973…
  • i was born 20 years too late
  • 3012: Still no rock recordings have been made that top anything made before 1976
  • i am in the process of finally buying a CAMBRIDGE AUDIO integrated amp
  • this will be my first *real* high end audio gear for just plain old sound enjoyment and for the love of my records
  • this will make mp3s sound that much worse and that makes me happy that nothing will be better than vinyl and tubes
  • i talked with an old friend tonight about having multiple personalities. we both agreed it would be nice to have different ones if they were nice. it would amount to less time living as that one person, but alas we all get ripped off somehow
  • in ALMOST FAMOUS, Lester Bargs told WILLIAM “i’m always home- i’m uncool”
  • and little did he know that, that was WAY cool
  • we’re gonna turn this mother out!

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