optimum obsonium labor

that's my tit!Yesterday my sister came to where I work. She actually interned there almost 8 years ago. She new one of the big guys there. And since I was now working there it was a good time to come see him. He was mega busy with him juggling two positions there. Music Director and Program Director. This man is truely amazing. He is the highest up at the radio station outside of corperate mumbo-jumbo and he is the nicest, most soft spoken person I know. He also has the best and most listened to rock station in the DC Metro area. There isnt even competition. He is this station. I am just glad he lets me in his office. Har har. So anyways, most people left work around noon yesterday so it was mega chill there at work. We stayed and hung with Buddy for almost 4 hours. I also am begining to have this crush on one of the interns. Not sure what it is about those bohemian blonde girls!

So Mike, one of the guys I also work with decided to do some spring cleaning. He is the hardest worker of all and didnt leave at noon either. He ended up giving me the Aliens box set video package, and this cooler bag filled with movies, cds, an indiglo watch, tshirts, rocky and bullwinkle stuff animals and other goodies. It was a neat “take home” day! So I got home around 5pm. Then it hit me as i put the “making of Aliens” in to the VCR. I totally crashed. I was so exhausted from kick ass at work all week. I fell asleep and took a nap until Millionaires came on. My sister came in and said she was yelling at me trying to get me up, but i would budge. I am also the lightest sleeper, so it’s boggling my mind.

Oh yeah, and I got a call from Monkey Toes from Arizona saying she found me FAT TIRE! I was beside myself. Someone totally rocks my ass. I cant wait to drink it with her! Then I got a call Jessie Belle was in town. So we got to chill at night. Chilled at my house for a little. She played my new airplane game a few times and then we headed out for the diner. It was cooley. It’s always neat hanging out with her. I am so happy this girl still calls me when she is in town. Gosh all it takes is 5 mins to call someone. I have no patience for those people I used to be good friends with who just can’t pick up the phone. I know it’s a two way street…but you know that point when you have tried enough. I was at that point with a lot of old friends, so I gave up. All i can say, is, it’s their loss. Mad props to Jessie. We’re all gonna see Sonic Youth in Philly together next week. Woo! Jessie rocks and I am very glad we are still good friends. It’s funny though, cos I think my parents want us secretly to get married. Wouldn’t that be clever. We’d have the most paranoid children known to mankind. But at least they’d have wonderful taste in music. It’s funny we never got together in high school, as I always had a thing for her…maybe it’s for the best though. Maybe not…who knows?! Maybe she secretly is dating me and I don’t even know…maybe it’s like The Fight Club…but it’s more like the Jessie Club and my other personality is really dating her. Ha!

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