spring time is here, where are you?

jackie jackie- blah blah blah numberSoundtrack of the later part of the day: Jackie’s mega coolio “jackie listens to dope ass music” mix tape.

Today was a pretty average day. I did actually make it to work in a blazing 12 minutes. That is nuts considering I take 495 to Georgia Avenue. Typically it takes over 30 mins to travel maybe 5 miles to the station. There is something about mondays. Still haven’t figured it out. Have a case of the mondays?. Never got those. But am a big fan of OFFICE SPACE. My job used to be more like that. Thank god it is a “used to.”

A lot of work the past few days has been spent on the phone with the people in LA. LA Peeps are the people who are basically doing the backbone and databasing for site i work on. There are those people and the people running the servers as well. They are in San Antonio. They are idiots. They make our site crash and make the tools i use to edit and update the site crash on an hourly basis. In fact my tools were down for almost 5 days. There was a flash piece that was supposed to go up friday and it never did. Their shit is fucked. I am at the end of my rope. They are shipping out two of the LA people on wednesday to try and rectify the larger issues. One guy is rockin’ like Dokken. In fact I used that phrase with him on the phone. He actually worked a session with them for one of their CDs. That was too wacky. None the less that guy I get along with. We are either going to the CAPs game if we can get tix from the powers that be, or we’re gonna check out LEFTOVER SALMON at the 930 Club. I’ve never had to entertain before. It’s weird trying to entertain people in their 40s. The other guy on the other hand is a talker. I hate nothing more than an actor. Ick.

After work we did a movie premere for JOE DIRT. It was pretty damn funny…Normally I wouldn’t have gone to see a movie like that. At least pay money for it. But I got in for free, so why the hell not. It was really funny. Lots of white trash jokes…lots of incest jokes. Lost of beastiality jokes. Did i tell you the time when i had first arrived in TN about that headline in the newspaper?! Anyways…do yourself a favor and rent this when it comes out on video mid-summer. Oh yeah, and for dinner before the movie Skeletor and Matt (yes, two t’s) all went to Maggiano’s for dinner. Skeletor brought two friends of hers who i slowly realized were in the rather successful band, THE PIETASTERS…and they are from DC! I am not really a fan of that kind of music, but they were really nice and normal people. We talked a lot about loosing instruments on tour. Funny peoples. I also got to make fun of Skele’s broken bootie during the movie! I also just found out that Steve (from the Pietasters) is a rock veteran! He has worked with OMD, LaMont Johnson, Chet Atkins, Dire Straits, Eric Clapton, and Tori Amos. Bizzare. I bet he doesn’t delete messages on his BBS. But he’s also married and settled.

Then I got home around 9ish. And what was waiting for me in the mail other than my Health Insurance Card! Woooo! And my credit card bill. Damn…i really gotta not use that shit anymore…it’s all out of wack…I should be saving money. Sheeeeesh. But I did get a 3rd gift that outweighted them all. I got a mix from Jackie Pooh. First of all the mix was nicely designed. Packaged in a nice off white J Card. With a nice cut out photo with some decorations around it. Over that was tracing paper for effect, I presume. Well done. Beautifully done, in fact. Then the songs were all layed out in pencil. Mix tapes in pencil are kinda interesting. Just a little different. Then we get to the content. First song being a FLAMING LIPS tune. Yum! That is all I can say. Among the other bands that rock on side A were Lou Reed, the Pixies and the Who and a pint full of others that will soon become classics for me. On side B it started with Trans Am….damn am I in luuuuuuuuv. Incredible. Other titles on side B included I’M WAITING FOR THAT DAY by the beach boys, which was ironically enough a title of one of my journal entries a few days ago. Go figure. There was also an Of Montreal song on there. I never heard their CD before. But my old TN friend’s BAND was called GLOSSARY and they did a few shows together. Neato. So yes, I love mixes and good music is the way to Mat’s heart. One other thing that struck me as odd what the fact that Jackie used a mini system to make this mix. I was thinking either something more HI-FI or something more lo-fi…just an odd observation. All the best love to Jackie-O who really made my week.

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