bos in lingua

im on fi-ahhhhI am of the belief that

…i got to meet Semisonic today
…the bassist man was mega nice
…we talked about his new 1963 Fender P Bass
…it was very loved
…it’s his new lover
…they even gave me a cd and signed it
…it’s not bad, if you like that pop music with feeling thing
…my subwoofer kicks for jimi hendrix and jesus and mary chain music
…not to mention roni size and panasonic and frank zappa
…i want to have a party in my room 24 hours a day
…passover is this weekend and i LOVE the food for it
…my mother makes the most killer matzoh ball soup
…i am rationing it off for all the guests tomorrow at sedar #1
…i am greedy
…fuck them
…i really like my job
…i am seeing justin and his soon to be wife tonite for the semisonic show at 930 club
…everyone i know is getting married and i am not
…tomorrow i am getting the oil changed in my car
…tomorrow night i am going to papa-fucking-roach with my good friend jamie
…i think i will be laughing at a lot of “angry-young-boys” all night
…is millionaires on tonite?
…where is my mind? ooooooh ooooh ooh

Here is a fun story from my book “The Big Little Book of Jewish Wit & Wisdom”

A priest and a rabbi are riding together on the train and they get to talking. After a while, the priest asks the rabbi if he’s ever tasted ham. “Yes,” he says, “and it was delicious.” This emboldens the rabbi so he asks the priest if he’s ever made love with a woman. The priest blushes and admits that he did, once many years ago. “Better than ham, eh?” says the rabbi.

PS. Happy Passover and Happy Palm Sunday

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