two dollar whore

I just got done with the Millionaires show. It’s been like 10 weeks or so since there was a Millionaire winner. It’s getting pathetic. I mean I’d never be able to get those $200 questions, but give me a $250,000 or $500,000 and I am fine. It’s those simple little idiom questions that always get me. There was one about the NASA spacecraft that landed on that Astroid in February. I don’t even recall hearing about it…I think I overheard it while making dinner one nite. Weird huh? Most people I know make fun of me for watching it. I watch it pretty religiously. Almost as bad as Melrose Place. For Melrose I’d not accept phone call though. That was the shit for me. You couldn’t fuck with me then. Millionaires is almost there, but still. It’s just funny, everyone says the questions are so easy…but it’s all relative. Funny thing is, is that I hated the show when I first saw it. It took about 6 months for me to get in to it…anyways…

Today the boss took me and one of the new guys out for lunch. It was pretty cool. Shooting the shit about work is pretty odd, but I guess that is what people do. We got to talk about the future of all the stuff we’re doing. It was a lot of fun and I got lunch for free and go to get out of the studio for a few hours. I think some of the people from LA are coming out next week…fun fun fun. Oooooh and tomorrow is Semisonic…I still only know that one single from the radio that had that cool piano part. Closing Time is the name of it, I think. So yeah, the band will be doing some songs/interview in-studio, and then at night. I hope they are nice. Cos if they’re not, I will set my flash to red eye reduction and strobe their eyes until they are blind as a bat. Oh yeah, and then after I got back from lunch I came back to work and did a little work…rendered some new DC101 logos for some new T-Shirt designs and then some of the interns (Skeletor included) and the Promotions people took the tank out…that is just too much fun…it’s just an oversized car with a little armor and we go nuts…I love it…

Which reminds me…I just recalled that time when I saw that Saturday Night Live skit/ad for some sort of camera and they got Stevie Wonder to endorse it. #1 is was funny as fuck for him to do that (big balls) and #2 they even had him trying to hit tennis balls at the end. He really does have a wonderful sense of humor. Anyways…I just remember how funny that commercial was to me and how loud and deep I laughed. That was a great skit. Why does Saturday Night Live suck booty these days.

OH SHIT! And I bought a SUBWOOFER last nite…my god this shit is sick. 120 extra watts of pure sound below 80hz! If you have the extra few hundred, please do yourself a favor. Pow, how you like me now?

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