i’m waiting for the day

the blueprint diary circa 1998Today was a pretty normal day. There were no promotions where I took pictures, so I pretty much just added promotions to the website. Typical situation. I did let a friend know that there is a Sonic Youth show coming up. He was unaware. I found this suprising. He IS a huge SY fan and he IS a big geek and all in to computers and what not. So i would presume he’d just have known. Regardless he didn’t. So I told him to try and get tickets on a whim they mights still have some. Tickets went on sale two weeks ago for a club of maybe 2000 people and there were still tickets available. I am pretty sure I will go with him, if not, I will go with my friend Jessie H, or both. She used to be my concert buddy until she moved to Philly. Booohooo. 930 Club misses you hun. Anyways…so this Sonic Youth concert will be good. I always told myself I wanted to see them in a decent club and not in a festival setting. So this could be it…this could be my moment with Sonic Youth…news as it happens

Today my BBS crashed. There was a settings file that got corrupt. I sent out all these emails to the tech support people for my server thinking it was their fault, when it was prolly the software’s fault. Oh well…I apologize. Regardless the software is working fine now with minimal loss (one board got reset to 2 weeks ago). It was bizzare though, cos as soon as the BBS went down I had 15 IMs telling me the BBS was down…then I checked my email and I had a dozen emails waiting for me…it’s like a network of OM BBS junkies! I love it…I feel loved. Or at least the OM Electrons do!

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