fuck shit up

fuck shit up!!! WOoooooo WOoooooo!Acquired CDs this weekend: Fuck Shit Up by Christian Marclay/Thurston Moore/Lee Ranaldo; Bug by Dinosaur Jr.; Karoshi by Salaryman; You Can Always Get What You Want by Trans Am; The Future of What by Unwound; Passengers ST; Rocketship by JSBX

Acquired CDs at job: Syncronistic Wanterings by Pat Benatar; High Fidelity Original Sountrack; Train’s Drops of Jupiter

This weekend was a nice relaxing one. Got to start watching UNBREAKABLE which was pretty slow in the begining and just as it started getting good the cable went out…damn the man. Then Eyes Wide Shut came on…yummy…there is a classy and wonderfully constructed film. Other than that a lot of time was spent in Philly looking for bellybutton rings and CDs. I went to this one decent CD store and picked up a few CDs…then at the check out counter I mentioned to Jessica that there was this Christian Marclay CD with Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo I had seen just before. Then the cashier dude piped in and said it was great. Wow…this man knew who Christian Marclay was. That is impressive. At least I was impressed. So needless to say, after some chit chat about Panasonic and Trans Am and Jessica piping in about the dude from the Old 97s being very cute, I went back and picked up the Christian Marclay CD…and yes as the cashier person said, “If you like that sort of thing you will love this.” And I did…it’s a tremendous record…swirls and abrupt stops and sonic blasphemy and needle skips and facades of sounds. This CD is actually from the Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville from 1999. If you like “that sort of thing” you should do yourself a favor! Sunday, Jessica and I did face masks. Damn is my skin clean and replenished. Um, or something…I don’t really know what it is doing or did to my face, but it sure felt cool while it was drying…

I did get to talk to Feets this weekend. She mentioned one of my good friends from #4 College and how he said I had “sold out” to be working at a radio station. I still haven’t confirmed this from him personally, but I don’t think Feets would embellish about this sort of thing. It’s just odd…he never seemed like a person who would say this.

#1 I am having the time of my life with my job
#2 I am getting paid for it
#3 I am learning new things on a daily basis
#4 I report to no one
#5 My paychecks do come from a company that does own over 1500 radio stations across the US, but that just means I can get the mouse pads and ergonomic stuff I need, and a nicely catered meal once a week

Maybe he was jealous I got to take pictures of Dave Matthews, or Eve6! Haha…I didnt even know who Eve6 were. And it was more amusing to see all the people in the studio drooling over Dave Matthews that it was to put forth the effort in talking with him. I just like taking pictures and and messing with websites. So if that makes me a sell out, so be it. Maybe he really thinks I am a sellout. I was just a little shocked about that…what can you do…I am happy and that is all that matters…

confessionsofa: that’s funny that someone would call you a “sell out”. did you ever work at a college station?
Pi Ginzen: nope
confessionsofa: yeah, go figure. some people have silly ideas about what other people should or shouldn’t do…
confessionsofa: …they’re called facists!

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