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yes, that is a $10 silvertone and my god, mat in purple tights, never thought that was possible!It’s funny how you can associate different songs or bands with different people you know.

Phish/JSBX/Luscious Jackson – Bennie. He was my closest boy-friend in College. We used to smoke ourselves silly the afformentioned bands. Still to this day, I will think of him when I hear these bands.

Jane’s Addiction/Nine Inch Nails – Becca. I think I got her in to Jane’s and she got me in to Nine Inch Nails. It was a beautiful thing. To this day I still love Jane’s Addiction. They are timeless.

Soundgarden/Anything slightly metal – Jordan. He was the guy in 8th grade making me mix tapes with Slayer and Megadeth and Metallica when I was a little less focused in my music as he was. I listened to Jane’s Addiction and a lot of hair metal bands and the Beatles and the Stones. I always thought metal was for lost souls. We also covered Jesus Christ Pose. I am still sore from those 4 limb destructions. It’s bizzare how his musical tastes affected me. I think he taught me what not to look for in music. He did teach me about hi-bias cassettes. God bless him.

Led Zeppelin/Lemonheads/Ned’s Atomic Dustbin/anything of Punk decent that isn not Green Day sounding – Karin. She taught me to be a free thinker. Or maybe brought it to my attention, cos she never inflicted it on me. It’s all about emotions and each band had it at one point or another. She is prolly one of my oldest friends. And she is the one that will call me out of the blue. That, I love!

Pearl Jam/Dinosaur Jr/Smashing Pumpkins/Soul Coughing/Portishead – Jessie Belle. Another smoking thing. We’d always get stoned and go driving off in to DC. Sometimes just sitting on the side of the road with a joint in our hands. Or late at night with a hammock in her backyard with a little stereo. Fun times were had. And the music was there to see us through. Never got the Pearl Jam fixation. Well, at least she grew out of it. There was also that Soul Coughing connection she had. Which was a good in for me. Funny how i still talk to some of them and she doesnt talk to that one person anymore. Another girl who makes a point to keep in touch with me…props.

Anything 70s/the Police/Joni Mitchell/the Samples/Dylan/MCIS – Zut. Now this girl prolly had the most influence on my musical tastes than anyone ever. She was the one who turned mix tapes in to an art. I remember in college taking the bus to Boston to visit her parents and i somehow rigged the CD player to output two headphones. We listened to ARE YOU NORMAL? by Ned’s Atomic Dustbin. Oh yeah, and once she came to my dorm room to hear the, at the time, new Pumpkins CD. We got thru disc one, but “fell asleep” by disc two. To this day we’ve never listened to disc two together.

Richard Marx/Dream Theatre/Genesis – John. I spelled his name for almost a year knowing him in HS. He also was in my band. He wore a Richard Marx tshirt. I couldnt and still cant tell if it was a joke. He also made liking Dream Theatre acceptable. Once, he locked me in his room for almos 3 hours trying to convince me that Warrant’s guitarists were the next Mozarts. Bizzare. He also said he didnt drink cos he had a drinking problem when he was younger. In college he confessed he was full of shit. Thought that was amusing.

U2/The Bealtes/Bikini Kill Sara. She introduced me to U2 at age 14. We also would talk until the wee hours of the night saying how much cooler Lennon was than McCartney. In our yearbook we signed out little “ad” as: Perry Farrell and Kathleen Hannah. We were cute. She also was one of the first girls in the area to get in to the girlie punker stuff. Asked me to the Homecoming dance freshman year. In fact a few girls asked me. I only went with one. I miss freshman year. Why dont girls ask me out like that now!

70s Funk/ELO – Feetnik. After being incredibly overtaken by her fashion sense, I soon found out her love for 70s funk music. I had never met anyone so loving of a style of music before. She knew everything about that sort of music. The irony was she was the white-ist whitey ever. Pastier than I. I didnt matter, she knew her shit. Very cool. Little green bag. And Evil Woman by ELO.

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