moonage daydream

my new child- the roland jp-8000Today was one of the longest days at work in the history of Mat. Well maybe not…but it was damn long. I got up at 4am to get to work at 5am to go to the golf course with Flounder so people could shoot golf balls at him inside of a dumpster. He said it was really loud. I’d imagine it would be. He does the craziest stuff. It was weird, because I sorta helped with the promotion and all of a sudden people were interested in who I was and wanted to shake my hand and know my name…one person even recognized me as “Poor Mat” as Elliot calls me. Bizarre. But it was cool helping out the Promotions staff.

Yesterday I got the day off. I spent very little time on the computer. I deserved a break. I got to go to a music store. I messed with the NORD LEAD 2 for almost one hour. That is Mark DeGliAntoni’s keyboard. Or one of them. But it was a blast. It also held away those sales people that leech on to you…Maybe it was the loud obnoxious noises I was coming up with. Putting the button “noise” on a keyboard was meant for me. Yum. So finally I was accosted by an employee. I asked him if they had the keyboard I wanted and they didn’t. Go figure. So I decided to trek to Silver Spring (close to where I work) and checked out Chuck Levin’s, another large music store (privately owned) – They had it of course…and they all work on commissions, so prices are all negotiable…so what I do, is I do my research ahead of time and find the lowest price I can online, then I go in there and take off $100-$200 and say I want it at that prize. I love cutting in to peoples commission. You gotta study up on that shit…woo!

So I left there with a new keyboard. The Roland JP-8000. Yet another family member to my Roland hood. Feets and I will have to name her soon as she’s getting older. Anyways…this was the keyboard that was lent to me by the co-producer of MONS II. I fell in love with it back then and still love it. It’s functionality is phenomenal. I believe it’s based on the Juno and Jupiter series. Both of which I have the 106 and 6 respectively. This is my first true Digital keyboard…I wouldn’t personally count the SK1. It’s more fun than anything. (Remember Soul Coughing’s HELLO RECORDING SESSIONS CD – That was the shit…prolly the best free form SC ever) So I guess I wont be spending too much lately…better yet, I will be creating and learning about this new child of mine. Go outside it’s pouring down rain. And the rain floods gutters. Makes a great sound on concrete.

Slightly bizarre facts from mat::

  1. Mat watched two movies last nite. Antitrust and SpaceCowboy…both decent, the later being the better of the two
  2. Mat met a girl today who’s email was Tzeporah, which is my sister’s name in Hebrew
  3. Mat works with 2 people he went to HS with
  4. Mat talked with Karin last nite which was cool, cos we both have been so damn busy lately
  5. Mat hit a golf ball for the first time outside of PuttPutt
  6. Jesus don’t want me for a sunbeam
  7. nos duo turba sumus
  8. Mat did not have lunch today, but I did have breakfast

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  • and TODAY was Jessica’s “Golden/Magic Birthday”

    22 on the 22nd.

    signs that she’s getting old:
    her knee gave out while attempting to kneel at Barnes and Noble.

  • happy happy, jess! way to steal mat’s post thunder 🙂

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