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dc101 chili cookoff fuck faceToday I got a CD from Daniel. The CD is called DADDY ZERO. This is the first band that has really blown me away that I have heard nothing about, other than “Mat – you have to hear this band…” So Daniel sent me a copy of it for my label I am starting. I think I am going to put out one of his CDs if they want me to. There is even a Beach Boys song. Well it’s actually an old traditional song, but the Beach Boys popularized it. The song was “Sloop John B” – There are even tracks on there that are very MONS-ie. Love it.

I found out last week that the Digital Camera I bought came out with the sister model that was the next upgrade up. And all the new features it came with were all the problems I had with the older model. So i put up the old one on eBay and bought the new one for almost $300 cheap than retail. You can score some dope ass deals on the net, it’s pretty scary. They even overnighted it to me! And speaking of eBay, I still have a check to deposit for my old amp I sold. Oooops. I am not the ideal ebay dude. And what is up with the name “eBay” – what does that name have to do with auctions?

Friday – I get to sleep late because my weekly meeting with the boss is at 10am in Rockville. I will prolly take off early as i’ll be working on the weekend. Friday night I am going to lay low and work on some more MONS and OM Records.

Saturday – I am getting up early and heading out to the DC101 Chili Cook-Off in DC. I can’t wait to meet Jane Weidlin and Belinda Carslile. Yum!!! Jamie (old HS friend) is coming down from NYC. He may bring Kristen (remember her?!) down. Friday night is Tortoise. I am beside myself: #1 i get to go; #2 i have a photo pass given to me by the label i respect like there is no tomorrow

Sunday – I may go to the Orioles baseball game with Jamie…I am not a big sports fan in general, but for some reason I love actually going to the games. I feed on all the energy of the excited fans. Similarly to when a large rock star comes in to the station, it generally doesnt phase me, but I love watching all the Sales People or jocks sit there in awe. It’s interesting. Watching them is sometimes more interesting than the respective “artist.” I am off to play with my new toy. Ipso facto.

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  • daddy zero also covers “i’m so lonesome i could cry” by hank williams, sr.!! how can you not love that…

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