zut’s book

pale blue eyesToday when I got home from work I had an envelope waiting for me from Zut (also included an empty book she always makes for me that is scanned to the right.) Zut also makes Paper. That is just plain cool! Zut is one of those people I rarely write about. There are some parts of my life I let few people in on. Zut is one of them. I rarely write or talk about Zut, unless they know personally. I just dont like talking about people that have nothing to do with other people. Not to say I dont have good memories with Zut. I do…they, in fact, are all damn amazing and efforlessly blissful memories. But, Zut is almost sacred to me. And will always hold the most special place in my heart. I have never met someone so expressive in my life, but not in words. Zut is oozing with creativity that comes from the heart like no other. Zut has emotions and feelings that are expressed thru the art that I could never imagine. Zut understands music and is incredibly attached to music like I am and not in a vain way. Zut exemplifies Art. Or perhaps personifies Art. I have never met anyone like Zut. Never. And just like that Jane’s Addiction song, I would too, Zut.

In other news, I am going to the Warner Theater in DC tonite to see David Copperfield with Elliot and the Morning Show. They are making Diane from the Morning Show dissapear. I was so suprised that none of my friends could make it down there tonite. Not ever Addy who is a decent Elliot fan. Prolly smoking pot. Maybe he didn’t realize he’d be sitting next to Elliot. But whatever. I was on the air this morning. Flounder dug up some dirt on me, that I wore a dress in High School. I wore one for a few periods my senior year and instantly I was dubbed “The dude who wore a dress- all thru High School” Hahah! But it was neat explaining it all to the morning show, and half of Washington DC. “Yeah, you’re sorta Beatnik” Elliot said. I wonder if anyone Woottonites heard that. Whatever…High School was such a joke. People took that shit too seriously. I also picked up the new TOOL CD at work today. It’s actually not bad. Incredible drumming. Still taking it in. Well I gotta go get ready for Brian is picking me up shortly.

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