slack motherfucker

i hear the song on the radio...Last night was definitely a fun time. After work we all headed out to the NATION in DC. It’s in SE. Not the best of neighborhoods, but hey, it’s all good and fun. So i went with a part-timer in the DC101 Roadie, which is the souped up van. Fucking killer sound system in there. We didnt even really get lost. We sorta used the Yahoo directions as well which totally sucked my booty. Fucking awful, but I used my intuition and bizarrely got us there with ample time. When I got there, there was this incredibly cute girl waiting for me (she wasnt really- but i wanted her to be) – I guess she ran tickets for the NATION. But she seemed to know one of our Interns, so, #1- she’s prolly too young, or #2 i dont care that much, but it’s fun looking. I just wondered what she looked like underneath all that clothes. I dont even think I heard her utter a word. I should have gone up to her “So, do you like webmasters?!” Ha! Or “I touch FLOUNDERS boobies” Ha! So my mission was to collect great images for the night, which included band shots from the stage and with people from the station as well as all the clients. Fun! That maybe took up 10% of my time. The rest of the night was involved with running around pretending to really need the VIP passes, etc. The bands were middle of the road rock bands. The highlights were when EVERYTHING covered TRAIN IN VEIN by the Clash. If only they did all of london calling, they’d have had a chance. Actually they were quite fun. Very dancy and semi-Soul Coughing at least live. I’ve never seen or heard their CD. I wonder how that pans out. Smartbomb was ok. They are poppy rock. In a similar vein as Summercamp and TripleFast Action. All with those early punk influences. Then Seven Mary Three came out. And I hate to admit it, but i sorta got down with it. It was partially that they are the nicest people ever. You know, like when you are friends with another band in high school and you let them open for your band cos you know them, kinda thing. They did do a PRETENDERS cover. That was very cool. Thomas was exceptionally killer. He had on a fucking cool Black Sabbath tshirt and we talked for a while about the WHO. Bizarely enough Thomas is an incredibly guitarist. Oh yeah, and I noticed that SMARTBOMB’s singer cos a new MATCHLESS amp. So he obviously knows something about amps. We talked a little about russian tubes. Oh the geek factor was running pretty high.

So after that and all the take down I went back to the station, chatted with Jacqueline and Daniel in his alcoholic rage. There I worked on sifting thru the photos to put on the website for the morning. Then I chilled with the overnight DJs for a bit. Turns out LeeAnn who used to work at Y100 is going to be our MUSIC DIRECTOR. This is awesome, cos then our PROGRAM DIRECTOR (Buddy) will get a little slack and will be able to breathe again. She’s bad-ass too. So today I got up around 11am. Went to Subway then strolled in to work and got a little work done. I like this whole getting in to work at noon dealio. Works great for me. Also we just got an email today stating that all summer we get every other friday off. Come on! Does it get any better than that? I am in awe sometimes. Talk about a good work environment. Regardless…I like it, minus the Limp Bisquick they play.

you haven’t moved from that spot all night since you asked for a light
you little smokestack
you’ve wasted my time
i’d like to see you try and give it back yeah

i’m working
but i’m not working for you
slack motherfucker!

relax, sit down
i’ll kick that stool right out from under you
you ran out, sitting outside
well i can do the same thing too



you motherfucker!

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  • if you lived in VA you’d hear EVERYTHING every day… and that is TOO MUCH. they also had a song on the “waterboy” soundtrack. ? ?

    they’re from my alma mater…

    go jmu duke dogs go with your badass music selves…..


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