soft and wet

thebobmons battle of the sk1'sToday after work I listened to the Flaming Lips’ SOFT BULLETIN. I noticed how the drums are slightly behind the beat throughout the record. Which brings me to the reasons. Reason #1 Would be the one mic theory. I heard from someone on the BBS (Xavier/AC?) that Dave Friedmann used one mic for a lot of the drum tracks. That can lead to slightly delayed sounds. And we’re talking milliseconds. Maybe 5 feet worth of sound travel. But it’s still noticable. Or I am absolutely insane. And Reason #2 could be the fact that the drummer recorded in a warm woom. Maybe a really nice wood room. That is what I have found that there are left more reflections and natural reverbs that create that effect. Who knows. It was just an observation that I really thought was cool. It reminded me of when I saw U2 last week. Cos you know when you are at an arena, you’ll see the drummer playing but you wont hear that snare drum for maybe a half a second. It’s a little out of sync. Cos sound travels slower than light. It’s the lightning/thunder phenomenon. So yeah, at the U2 concert the jumbo tron TVs had the video delayed so that for the people up in the stands, they would see Larry Mullen Jr hit the drum at the same time they’d hear it. It was pretty neat and I doubt anyone even noticed. Sound. What could be more beautiful. Maybe a woman.

And last night I made my 100th Prince mix. It’s a good one. I think I refined it wonderfully. I also split it up. Cos making just one mix is just unfair to do to Prince. So I made a 1978-1989 Prince Mix. I’ll make the 1990-2001 mix next time. Sooo much good stuff. In fact I am listening to it now.

Tomorrow I am going to see the Old 97s with Laura. She went to U2 with me. Is she turning in to my concert buddy? She’s no Jessie Belle, but still. Word. Laura still is pretty swell. One of those girls that just doesnt try to do anything. She isn’t overtly concerned with her appearance and image but does great things in the process. Which definately lends to ideal style. Style and funk are where it’s at. You need the funk. Controversy. So that will be fun. At least to take some pictures and to get out to my favorite club. The band is so-so. Pretty typical standard alt-rock-country crud that seems to be sorta en vogue. Or is it that turntable stuff that is en vogue. Is En Vogue even En Vogue? Maybe PJ Harvey is. Be a star. And yes, I was the sucker and put PURPLE RAIN as the last song. You gotta love that guitar solo at the end. Almost as emotional as the vocals if not more. No need to worry, no need to cry.

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  • i’ll see you tonight then?


  • have you considered the concept that maybe, just maybe, the Lips’ drummer just plays behind the beat a little? or that (gasp) he isn’t perfectly spot-on? blah.

  • oh yeah, cant make it tonite…gotta wake up early on fri…

    and what is up with IL being snooty?

    fuck off ass much,

  • watch the language, you’re making me ill. i was just making a suggestion that you seemed to be illogically overlooking, i apologize for any snooty atitudeness.

  • my home, i can say what i want!

    fuck fuck fuck!


  • sigh…just forget i said anything. if we keep this up, i’ll have more L’s than a llama at lollapalooza.

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