i met her in a bar

i just want someone to come home toToday at work my semi-boss came in to do what were more or less purity tests. They were pretty funny. Cos one of the guys I work with is pretty straight. I mean he drinks once and a while. But he’s literally never smoked or done herb before. I think it’s a wonderful thing. It’s just really bizarre. And same with the girl I work with. But she has this semi-slut attitude. She has a Barbi calendar too. Weird. Anyways…the semi-boss and I were sorta on par with each other. Him scoring (no pun intended) high (again, no pun intended- you’ll see soon) for all the sex parts and me scoring high (ha!) for all the drug ones. I still think it’s pretty funny that no one at work believes I am clean and have been for a few years. I know they are all kidding, but it’s just funny. Now some of the DJs are calling me Hippie mat. Hahaha. I sorta like it though, cos deep down, we all want to be hippies.

So after work I came home. It’s weird, cos whenever I do something after work I have this intrinsic need to just come home. Even if for just 5 minutes. I still need find that person to make that “last call of the day.” Someday right? Gosh, I really am running out of time. So anyways. I go home. Take a pee pee and then head to the Metro. I called an old friend to go to U2 with me. Left a voice mail and then called back a few times during the day. Bizarre why she never called me back. I hate shit like that. That is why I don’t like friends. Friends let you down man. Well not always, but still, i was just pissed. But whatever. Life goes on and so did mine. I used to give in to her all the time and get sucked in to her games. I guess she doesn’t do that anymore or I am so far out of her life that I can’t even play anymore. Regardless, there are a lot of things I miss about her. So I end up going with a friend from work. So was this a date?! Ha! Mat went on a date. Naw.

So we (me and the girl from work. not from dc101, but from another station in the cluster) meet up at the MCI Center and of course I have to see people from high school. It’s a 25,000 seat arena and this always happens. Of course they find out or know i working for DC101 and ask for tickets. Ha! Like I was really friends with you. Yeah, you so deserve it. Then we meet up and we’re walking around and see a friend of hers. The battle begins! 1 to 1. In the end we both saw 3 old friends. Actually my #3 was Karin’s brother. And I finally met his wife. She was really nice. Very short too. It’s so weird how I always run in to Rob. I bet he thinks I stalk him or something. But the show was amazing. With all the good lyrics that Bono is capable of writing I really believe that the soul of the band is with the EDGE. You can hear the words, but you can feel the guitar. There is something about the way he plays the guitar and the notes he chooses that far supersedes the emotion of Bono’s voice and words. And granted Bono’s words are pretty good! So needless to say, The EDGE rocked and has always rocked me like a hurricane. Prolly one of my most favorite guitarists. And they played All I Want is You. Semi-cheese ball song, but has one of my favorite guitar solos ever in it. It was cool to hear that and even their first ever single back from 1980. It’s always good seeing U2, cos it’s like a greatest hits experience. So did Mat really go on a date?! I prolly didn’t cos I wasn’t nervous and i wasn’t all kissyface. But she sure did sit close to me at the Metro station. And what is up with those half tank tops that only have one shoulder?! What is up with that, all superhero’d out. That is some ugly fashion if you ask me. Makes me ill. I got the ill communication. Go see U2 if you get the chance.

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  • I had the exact same running-into-hometown people and radio station-worker MUST = tickets for them experience at U2. 🙂

    And those 1-armed tank tops are odd, I saw a lot of 15 year old girls dressed like that at Guster.

  • duh, it’s guster…bad music=bad fashion

  • deep down i wanna be a rocker, not a hippie.

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