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Louisville has a skyline by J.O.So after work I got off on Montrose Road. After turning on to Falls Road driving right by where Karin used to live I pass the same cop i seem to be passing every day at this time. This reminds me of that face I’d see everywhere when i worked a the Discovery Channel and took the Metro all the time. But you know why I left you for so long.

So I think Olympus Mons Records website is complete. At least all the artwork and design. Some of the text needs to be edited and what not. I am incorporating this weekend. I talked to my Dad’s accountant and we decided an LLC is the best way to go. Yeah, Mat owns Olympus Mons Records, LLC. Go Me. Did you ever think you’d be the only one.

Tonight I am gonna celebrate and research more about CD Manufacturing companies and more normal distribution methods. I wonder of the OM BBS peeps could get their local Tower Records to stock us. Who knows. Are you amplified to rock?

I really haven’t got in to a new band in a long while. This GUIDED BY VOICES CD is really doing it for me lately. I wonder if they will be the next band? Speed up slow down, go all around.

And for the real names of all the Village People, cos i knew you wanted to know:

  • Victor Willis (the cop, old school)
  • Ray Simpson (the cop, new school, like the new school testament, for you goys)
  • David “Scar” Hodo (the construction worker)
  • Glenn Hughes (the leather man- yikes!)
  • Alexander Briley (the GI)
  • Randy Jones (the cowboy)
  • Felipe Rose (the Indian- my fav)

The Theremin: An Electronic Odyssey video. I actually had a copy of this from years ago. But i lent it to someone who never fucking gave it back. That fucker. But Daniel is the man and sent it to me. He didn’t even know that story. But he knows that random gifts like this f’n rock my world. Mad props Daniel. Now go make some more good music…

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  • heh…i bought myself a copy of that theremin video, too….

    david hodo always was my favorite. he had a wonderful voice, as well as an illustrious construction career…plus his nickname is scar, man. he was all about business…

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