my morning jacket

thru the eyes of badassOk, #1- girls who send mat CDs are way more cooler than girls who dont. #2- girls who send mat GOOD CDs are even that much more cooler. I am really noticing how much cooler girls become when they listen to cool music. It’s like a whole new way to look at girls. Good music=good hair=good personality=good smell=good girl! What an equation. But seriously, it’s really seeming to work that way. I mean there has been one other girl in my past who really opened me up to new music. Or music that was new to me. OK, maybe 1.5- I guess the difference being that this 1.5 made the effort to make me a CD or cassette. I guess most other girls would be intimidated. And for the most part I would already have that CD of the songs they’d put on the mix. So any girl who gets the balls or ovaries to make me a mix is cool. I am in awe these days. And when fate and irony cross paths it sure can be a funny thing.

Today was pretty cool. I woke up and got to work. 10.45 rolls around and I head to 1801 in rockville. There i met with the guy from LA who helped with the site. Very cool guy. Big talker. So it’s good for me, cos i am a wonderful listener. We did lunch with the other people like me for the other stations. My boss opened the idea of having all the people like me for all the stations be in one room. I didnt like that idea until i saw the view of ROCKVILLE and the huge balcony I’d get. Now that is what i am talking about. I dont get paid enough to have an office like that. Swanky man. Swank factor is running high.

I also got Zaireeka on one disc. Jacqueline made me it from all four discs on to one. It was awesome and my mother even liked it. Not that she likes bad music, but it’s very awesome when my mother picks out bands she likes. So it was interesting listening to that. Not as cool as setting up 4 cd players and doing that whole shebang. But regardless. And today I pulled out THE JOSHUA TREE to get ready for the U2 show this thursday. I cant believe how great a guitarist the EDGE is. fucking incredible. That man has rhythm like it’s no bodies bidness. And listening to the vocoded drums on MOTHER’S OF THE DISAPEARED makes me happy like no other can. I think it’s neat how on MONS III there is only one noticable VOCODED part. The vocoder is all over the CD, but not in the traditional sense where you use the vox and a keyboard. I used it a lot on drums. Anyways…go out not to CHIPOTLE. It rocks.

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