hardcore ufos

today, say FUCK OFF, to someoneI‘ve had one helluva week. It’s only wednesday too! Last nite I was at the station until midnight. We finally flipped the swtich for the new site we’ve been working on for the past few months. It looks great. It also only crashed once today for just a few minutes. It’s bizzare to think that over 60,000 people look at my site on a weekly basis. That is nuts. Not too bad considering over 500,000 people listen to the station a week. Insane. But it’s cool and quite rewarding especiacally when all the attractive sales women come up to you and complement you. It’s all selfish for the, cos a better website means more for them to sell and more for them to profit. So fuck it. No good for me. I dont even get a raise. But I hope to get tickets to Dave Matthews. I am a definately doing U2. That is more exciting. But still. I’ve never seen Dave Matthews before. Well I got to meet him when he came to the studio, but it was kinda a turn off dealing with all the swooning annoying girls. I hate that shit. One large way to not get on my good side is to do that shit. Arg. But anyways. It will be cool to see him and his bad ass drummer. I better get backstage so I dont have to deal with all the dirty white hats. Jessie Belle would definately not like the dirty white hats. Or maybe she does. I sorta hope not. She’s never let me down before. Ick.

Tonight I am going to do nothing. I am not gonna mix. I am not gonna listen to music. I am not gonna burn a CD. I am not gonna return one phone call. I am not going to make calls about Olympus Mons Records. I am not going to talk about it either. I am not going to make my bed. I am not going to fold my towels. I am not going to clean my room. I am not going to do my daily CD filing. I am not going to reply to people on IM who I dont know from MOC who are begining to scare me. Who are you people?! I am not going to make you laugh. I am not going to cry. I am not going to think. I am not going to move. I am not going to jump. I am not going to make Jacqueline a strawberry cake. But tomorrow I will. I just need a day off.

I am of the belief that:
-the mail service blows my mind away
-i am releasing a 7″
-i have a record label
-i am going to be a corporation
-i will be the man
-i will have limited liability
-i know what that means
-i can tie my shoes…both ways
-i like stickers
-i like candy
-i like the beach (contrary to what Jessie Belle thinks about me and swimming!)
-i like guided by voices a lot
-i dont like bjork
-i like vinyl
-i like vivid
-i like holding hands
-i like bold
-i like blurry
-i like jesus
-i like Jewish mothers
-i like long hair
-i like emotion
-i like intention
-i like predilection
-i like bold

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