bee thousand

So my god. I’d been too long since i’ve written. I still find it incredibly amazing that I still do this. Not that all that many people actually read it. It’s just interesting. Anyways. My weekend was incredibly productive. I did super preliminary mixes for MONS III. I still havent decided on a title. I have always felt that titles are pretty silly. Same with song titles. Other than for recognizing the actual form of the song, what is the point? I always liked artists that labeled their work, be it art or music, in numbers. Work #1. Piece #6. I respect that. Still I will most likely find song titles and an LP title. Soon enough. Maybe I am a sellout to the establishments of record layout and edicate. Could be. I think we all are. I never really took to Elliot Smith, but before he was on the soundtrack for that movie, his song titles were just composition numbers. I respect that part of his art. And what is up with this Paul Oakenfield crap?!

I saw the movie SWORDFISH tonite. It was actually pretty good. It was one of those quasi-computer hacker movies. They actually got the details surrounding computer encryption pretty good. But maybe not. What the fuck do i know? I was impressed with all the lingos they’d bouce around. Much more researched than ANTITRUST. Regardless it was free and “CUTE PART-TIMER” was there. She moved up from intern! Her boyfriend was there. Had a silly lil’ goatee. Booo! Anyways. If you get the chance it is worth a few hours of your time to have a good time in watching it.

I got home only an hour ago. I did come home to nothing warmer than a brand new CD from the beloved CDNOW. I got a GUIDED BY VOICES called “bee thousand” – This is my first GUIDED BY VOICES cd. I forgot how they are the low-ist-fi band in the world. My old roomate used to love them. In fact I quite well could have seen them before. It’s not clear though. It’s also interesting to hear their british accents when they are really from DAYTON, OHIO. oh-high-oh. I really like this CD. Getting back to my indie rock is always swell. I like when girls can have the ability to recommend a good CD to me. It’s awesome. It’s not limited to girls. Boys can do it all the time. But when girls do it, there is a level of attractiveness that gets shiney-er.

I just got an email too from my main distributer who will be working my Olympus Mons Records and distributing. I just found out that they are affiliate with the ALL MUSIC GUIDE. allmusic dot com for you musicologists out there. Fucking swell. I am excited to be listen in my encyclopedia.

Oh yeah, I also finally decided to reformat my harddrive and start from scratch. Getting your address book from hotmail to outlook express is the biggest pain in my ass. I still need to redownload my webcam software so you can see me look like jesus.

gold star for robot boy

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