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Soundtrack of the past few days: The Pixies’ rough diamonds & surfer rosa & come on pilgrim, Afroman’s the good times, Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes’ love at the greek, American HiFi, Everything’s people are moving, The Distillers, The Jayhawks’ im gonna make you love me, deicide’s insineratehymn, Stereo MC’s deep down and dirty, A Break from the Beats, Rival School’s united by fate, Great White’s radio bites, The Cranberries’ To the Faithful Departed (?!), & Suicidal Tendencies’s friends and family.

So for the past day or two I’ve been in Burtonsville, MD. We did this promotion there where a listener won a party by us. We showed with the kegs of beer, the band and the morning show. They supplied the pool and house. Pretty good exachange. Especially when it turns out the winner’s house was owned by a fucking crack dealer with two helicoptors and two landing pads. Yes, major sketch. All the grass was maybe 1-2 month old sod. And everything else was fresh money. Just major weird. And all his 300+ friends that came were all too weird and sketch. SKETCH! That was the word of the day. Yeah.

Needless to say, I had a relatively good time. It’s pretty easy these days. Getting out of the studio these days is few and far between. I got pretty schlossed. I downed a few beers down and got pretty woooooooozie. I havent gotten that drunk in a long time. I am such a lightweight. I still cant fathom those people who drink like 12 beers in one night. Where does it fit in your tummy. Fucking blows my mind away. I love my liver man! So anyways. Yeah, the party was pretty lame. Afroman played which was actually pretty cool once he brought his guitar out and stopped talking about pussy or pot. I think that happened for 4.5 seconds during one break. What a wonderful state the music industry is in. So basically after the Afroman played, most people left. And that was my cue to enter the pool. It was nice to get in there. It was too cold for me, so i didnt last long in there.

We eventually decided it was time to sleep. Since our tent situation failed, we decided to rough it even more in the back of our cargo van. After a little hinting, it was Korinne, “the Part-Timer”, and me. We slept like a “T”. Korinne taking the top of the T. And “the Part-Timer” and myself as the body of the T. I felt like quite the dirty old man smelling her hair. But damn she looked really really good last night. And nothing is better than girls who smell good. Nothing. Hips like cinderella. And she actually talked a lot too, telling scary bizzare stories from her haunted house when she was a child. Fun stuff. I noticed she rolls a lot of her words off when she talks quietly. It’s just really frustrating,that I am so attracted (which never happens these days) and she is so not interested and nothing will ever happen, and that hope is just null and void. It’s the story of my life. Too much negative and too much nervousness from myself around her. It could kill someone. But it’s still cute i guess, right? So the fun part was outside out van. As a few of the other part-timers were trying to put together a tent. Little did they know that being incredibly drunk doesnt help. So needless to say they didnt get the tent set up. However it was funny as hell hearing Jeremiah yell, “Mat, do you have another pole? Mat- we need your pole!” Damn that shit was funny. Korinne’s laugh also seared right through my ear. I am sure “the Part-timer” loved it.

And again, we all fell asleep. Until 2 mins later an other part-timer came by, banging on our van and screaming “Rob is hooking up with Melissa!!!” Oooops. That is a big no no at the station. So they hooked up and ended up in her car. Brooke supposedly went to their car to get her stuff that was stashed there and found out Melissa was topless and boobies were everywhere! Regardless to say, the morning show had a field day with that. I feel bad for both of the parties involved. Anyways. At least someone got some kissy-face last night!

Now it’s 6.30pm or so and I recall finally falling asleep at 4.30am. I got to wake up at 5.30am. So yeah, I got home from work around 3pm. And i totally hit the bed. I put on Eno’s APOLLO. That shit totally fucked with my head. I was hearing shit that wasnt coming from the speakers. And i saw shit. I was totally out there. Very fucked. Fucked up shit. I need sleep. Tomorrow is Dave Navarro. We supposedly got VIP shite. I just want a photopass. I hate meeting people. Just leave me alone. Who are you to think I actually want to meet these people. How presumptuous. I am delerious and prolly be sleeping instead.

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  • you like the Jayhawk’s?!?!
    since when?!?!

    nice to hear…. maybe you’ll soon develop a taste for my fav band, Convoy, as well….?


  • oh yeah…been loving the jayhawks for a while now…the band i was in thru college that played dc a lot covered a jayhawks tune…

    convoy/jayhawks?! i see no similarity…

  • yeah yeah, whatever!

    convoy rocks!
    their new album (which you never heard) rocks even more than the one you did listen to…. sooo much better!

    they rock my world…


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