they were getting interviewed by some good man whose name was bill

sun shines in the rusty morningSoundtrack of the day: Pixies’ doolittle, Black Box Recorder’s the facts of life, Pink Floyd’s the dark side of the moon, Perry Farrell’s song yet to be sung, Smashing Pumpkin’s machina, Radiohead’s at ground zero interview, Air’s 10,000hz legend, Bouncing Soul’s how i spent by summer vacation, Built to Spill’s ancient meoldies, Jimmy Page and the Black Crowes’s live at the greek, Superchunk’s incidental music, Cheap Trick’s greatest hits.

We moved. At least at work we did. We are now closer to where I live. It’s a double edged sword. It’s nicer and swankier and my office is larger than life. I do share it with Korinne. But she is cool and harmless. She takes a lot of shit, so i give her that. Anyways. It’s also dope cos my commute is now 10-15 minutes in the morning and drive home. Love it man. The downside is it’s in a huge corporation office building. So be it. I think everything else weighs that out. Oh and the fact that the morning show had 20 stippers on the show this morning. Yeah, 20 strippers on the Rockville Pike yelling at cars driving by. Then they bathed with Bryan in the fountain in the lobby. God, i have the strangest job ever. You can see it all at, if you dare.

Nothing else is really going on. I think I am strung out on doing shit. I still need a break. Maybe I need a woman. Prolly both. Which reminds me of a funny story. My friend from high school, this dude named Jordan, told me once that this song by the Pixies called DEBASER was written about them being in the studio next to MC Hammer and his (Hammer’s) bass was so loud they (the Pixies) wrote the song about it detailing their need to lower bass. I almost believed him for a second. I still laugh at the thought of it. What a funny (looking) guy. Good times were had by all. We had our first pipe of pot together and got taken home by the cops. And both on the same night.

And now whenever I hear the Pixies I think of Zut. I think of college and my first year there. I think of the cold autumns waking up with her next to me. It was quite blissful. She was warm and soft. Listening to Ned’s Atomic Dustbin and watching X-files from her bed on a friday night when everyone else was partying. I remember her crimping my hair. I remember coloring in coloring books with crayons. I remember making her mix tapes. I remember watching Ed tying himself to a tree with dental floss with a mirror at his head. We called that “art”. Very interesting people. Nothing else mattered. I remember when she moved to the room next door and her ‘rents came to help. I remember Zut’s father’s mustache was mesmerizing. I knew when I saw that mustache that my life would never be the same. I remember that time when I went home to her parent’s house. Her dog was very old and couldn’t see well and would walk in to the walls. It was very sad. We also watched the HBO Pee Wee thing with her Mom. And I slept in the basement the first night. The second night I got to sleep in Zut’s bed and I later found out she slept on her sister’s floor. I still feel bad. Those were good times. No question the best time of my life. Just like that Bryan Adams song. Yeah yeah yeah. God, i am nostalgic. I think I need to sleep. Sleep deprivation drive me nuts. This monkey’s gone to heaven. And wants one fine Yankee monkey to come rescue him.

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  • ahhh! debaser! ahh~! that’s my favorite song. crazy. doolittle was on my playlist too.

    yeah if i can justify spending $30 on weezer i’ll go. and i’m goin to built to spill too, probly on saturday night? what is up, 2 shows for BTS AND Modest mouse! i am just going to one of either though.
    where’s your new office? is it on the pike or am i misunderstandin…?

  • yeah, i am going to both nights for built to spill….see u there?

    and dc101 is now on the pike, right near rollins ave…a block from putt putt…

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