green flowers blue fish

Acquired CDs from the “bins” at work: Corrosion of Conformity’s live volume, MXPX’s the ever passing moment, Shades Apart’s eyewitness, Run DMC’s crown royal, Josh Freese’s the notorious one man orgy, Earth to Andy’s chronicle kings, Pennywise’s Land of the Free?, and Pennywise’s live @ the key club (which has a cover of MINOR THREAT, i am interested to hear)

Song of the day:
As soon as I got home
Reached out for the phone
Drank my sleep from a can
Playing track 6 and track 7, again and again

I had a crush
Nothing works out
Well I had faith
Could not have known; don’t even say it

Meet me again, maybe one mile high
Meet me again, and I won’t flake this time
Meet me again, maybe a year from now
Meet me again, I think we both remember how

It was no architect designed this view
He could not have known about you
Mousy homes, catacombs
Detroit has a skyline too
Detroit has a skyline too

So yeah. I have a weeks worth of clothing just scattered in my room. There are over 2 dozen CDs scattered in this room, as well. All my work space is a mess. I just dont have any time anymore to clean this shit up. Whatever. I’ll get to it. Like most stuff.

The past few days have been pretty wacky…quick recap.

Tuesday night:: DC101/Part-timers party at Dave and Busters=see pictures

Wednesday at 5am, I got to work to set up the La Tomatina deal. Basically it was the morning show out there in our field outside the station and 200 of our listeners pelting each other with tomotoes. Quite a funny scene. I still have tomato on my arm. That night was TRAIN at the Warner Theatre. The show was pretty boring. They are a decent mainstream band. Good talent. Decent songwriting ability. But this show was mysteriously boring. The show at our Chili Cook-off was way superior. I’ve also come to the conclusion that the singer is very flamboyany in his dancing. Perhaps the flamboyancy equates to homosexuality. Or is that stereotyping. So the jokes on all those people in High School who called me gay for wearing a dress. Anyways…speaking of High School, I ran in to a few girls from high school at the show. This shit happens at every show i go to with the station. I dont get it. I did get two smooches from one blonde one. Gotta love those blondes. Bizzare. I think we had english together one year. Never really had similar crowds. Yo! High school was a blast. I am gonna get all nostalgic now and put on some Smashing Pumpkins and Fugazi and Sonic Youth and Ned’s.

So I have one more day at at work where we are now. We move to the Rockville Pike on Sunday. Can’t wait! Our office is gigantic. And i finally get a new computer. Or am i supposed to call it a BOX. Why do computer nerds call them boxes. I think they are a little more than a box. Fucking geeks. I hate it when the idiot sales people call me “I.T.” – Fucking ANNOYING! I’d rather be called a “sales person”. Ha! Oh, and the lines above that look like a song are from the song, amazingly titled: Detroit has a skyline. It’s by Superchunk.

Tomorrow i am going to visit Zander on the beach. There we’ll hold hands and get our nipples pierced and go bowling. Maybe we’ll even get a tan. TAN, EVERYONE’S TAN. BEAUTIFUL TIMES, I CANT REMEMBER WHEN I’VE BEEN SO HARD. Ha! The frogs trip me up. It’s pouring outside. I am gonna go be mopey.

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