save your eskimo soul

Today I got to sleep in because it was my day off. Usually I dont sleep in much at all. I’ll usually wake up around 8am, and lay there for an hour or so and then finally drag my ass out of bed. Sometimes those hours laying there in bed are tremendously blissful. Doing nothing and having nothing that needs to get done. I remember a lot of those days in TN. Damn, sometimes I miss those days. Sundays in TN were the best, cos everyone was in Church except for the token Jew, so it was quiet as hell there…I digress. So I finally got out of bed this morning around 10am. I got up and basically finalized the artwork that i’ve been working on for way too long. I also listened to MONSIII a little to make sure what I did the night before was productive. I think it was.

My mother also had the day off. I didnt realize this until last nite when she asked what I was doing today. So I told her I was going out with Christy for lunch. It was cool. I think she was just happy I was doing something with a girl who lived in a state that borders ours. Ha! Surprisingly enough my mother asked what time Christy was coming by, and she left just before. Very weird. Usually she likes meeting people. Maybe it was a motherly independence/living at home thing. Hmmm. Regardless, Christy didnt get to meet the Mother. But she was fashionably late. Of course. So we went to Yuan Fu’s for lunch. The same coo-koo lady sat us. She’s really nice, but a little too nice. And this skinny as a rail lady poured us water. Supah skinny. Like she’d be invisible if you turned her sideways. Papah man. Conversation was consistant. Not too many uncomfortable awkward moments of silence were there. With me, I dont usually mind. Silence is a good thing every once and a while. After we finished we had some time to kill before she had to get to work, so we went to Target cos I needed some I-Zone film and CD player adaptor for my car. After getting out of the car we were walking thru the parking lot and they were playing The Cure’s “Friday I’m in Love” – Weird! Sorta cliche. But cool none the less, as I had just put that record on the week before. The first person I saw walking in was a dude in a SMITHS shirt. Ha! I turned to Christy and gave her a huge smirk. Turns out she never even noticed the dude in the SMITHS shirt. Oh well. So in the end, with a little mat-pressure she got the Hello Kitty I-Zone camera and it was paid with, by a check. What is it with girls and checks?! I also found out her middle name, or guessed it after 2 tries. Bizzare. What is it with middle names?! Everyone is so embarrased with theirs. So after that we headed back to casa de mat. I played her some of MONSIII and THEBOBGREENE. She said it didnt make her ears bleed or something to that effect of positiveness. I have still yet to realize if people really like my music. Is it possible? My music is just not very tangible for the average person. And I realize this tremendously. And I have no gague to figure out if Christy or anyone else for that matter, really liked it. I wouldnt really mind if she didn’t. Sure, I would a little. But if she was honest, I’d be more happy. I just hope she has the chutzpah to say if she doesnt.

God I was so nervous and anxious and had butterflies in my tummy all up until she came over. I havent been this nutty since god knows. Woah, two gods in two sentances. So it’s just so bizzare reading people. I had a splendid time with her. But I had/have no clue if she had a good time. She did look a little bored. Hmmm. Reading people I am attracted to that way is just one awful trait of me. I am so afraid of people I am attracted to. It’s that volnerability factor. I just hope she’d like to hang with me sometime in the very near future and better yet, she’d ask me. Why don’t girls ever ask me to hang? Or normal ones at that. Or girls I find attractive and rocking?! Maybe Christy will be different. I hope so. Only time will tell. Don’t they say “Patience is a Virtue” – Who ever said that must have lived a short life. I feel so high school. It’s like i want to call up all her friends and find out what she really thought of me. Or maybe I dont fearing the horrible. Arg. I prolly should just not think about it. I am going to hide in my corner now.

Tonight i am going to finish Jurassic Park II. And up until the last 20 mins of the first tape it’s been the same as the first movie. Or maybe I’ve seen this one before. Regardless it’s pretty bad, but the special effects rule. So maybe i’ll be rescued by a friend tonite. Prolly not as all my friends arent even living in the same state. Arg. I need to get out more. Hermit mat.

Oh! And on the way back to the car after going to Target Christy says, “What ever happened to her?!” Then I said, “Huh?” She goes, “Jewel!” Big alarms went off in my head! My first alarm above everything else was, how the fuck did she know it was Jewel on the speaker thing in the parking lot?! Cos it wasnt that “Save Your Eskimo Soul” song. Anyways. I dont think i’ll use it against her. I just thought it was cute. What song was that? And go see Josie and the Pussycats. Killer cool.

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