find the cost of freedom

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Wwhat a bizzare week. It wasn’t overly hectic, but it was just consistant. Yesterday sucked. I have been trying to do this thing with the Program Director of the station for months now. Basically it’s this marketing scheme where web users give their impression on a song. Basically a like it or hate it deal. So we’ve been trying to get this thing hooked up for ages, and we had this meeting planned yesterday at 1pm. Mat, being the social butterfly decided to make lunch plans with all the other ICMs. It was Ben’s last week and last chance for this too. So i thought it necessary. The bad part is that I didnt tell the PD about that. So I missed it and they weren’t happy. I did give him one of my three cookies today from subway. Yum. I think he’ll forgive me. Paying off the PD in cookies is the wave of the future.

Last nite I got to remix CASTOR, cos it was a song that was always bugging me. The mastering I did on that track was just too much as it got really thin sounding eventually, plus it was missing “something”. Perhaps it was the bass filter I ran it all thru so it wouldnt destroy your speakers at moderate volume. So i took that filter off, and remixed it with a bit of more feedback. Now i will destroy your speakers. Be careful. Yum. Redid the vocoder part, so it’s semi-inteligable. Yes, you can almost make out my singing. Or vocoding. C-F-G, baby. Then I started using my near-field monitors instead of the main kickers and headphones. And i realized that they were already turned on. And i think I blew the fuse in them. Cos the tweeters werent working. Luckily they are bi-amped and I just need to switch one fuse in each. Is that really lucky? I dont know. Seemed the point at the time. So yeah, that still kinda sucks, now that I think about it. And like i was telling Christy last nite: “For every good thing that happens, something has to be destroyed” – Ha!

I got my first Descendents CD today. I got it from where I get a lot of my CDs lately, cos I dont know where any good used CD stores are. I’ve never had any problem with them ever before. This dude said his CD was in very good condition. Basically a 4 out of 5. The CD was completely scratched underneath. Disgusting. I think I need to rebuy this. Fuckers. It’s an pitty people would treat their music like this. Fucking communists. I bet he likes MP3s like Addy. Where is he. We never hang out now that he has the big condo! He’s so 80s and cocaine like. He needs a big mirrored table. Hmmmmm. Or not. I still cant figure out why he has this burning desire to get me stoned again. Not gonna happen. What a pothead. I have heard 10 Descendents songs in like 3 minutes and I really like. With a name like MILO you’d think he’d sing differently. But alas not. I like lots. Quick and to the point. Rock and roll. Good back ups too! I am off tomorrow and you are not! Wooo!! I still need to go to the beach…thinking of early September when it’s quiet. Any takers?

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