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yay for mat! yay for elle! yay for lazy postcards!Today was Fugazi day. Well not really, but it was the day me and all my friends make it to Ft. Reno for our yearly mecca to see Fugazi. We’ve basically been doing this for years. At least me and Karin have. People have come and gone, but Karin and me have always done it consistantly. Rob, one of the part timers at work, came to the office around 5pm. He wasn’t supposed to be there until 5.30pm. But he was early. Damn I love punctual people. That rules. He said he was so excited to see them, he couldnt wait. So anyways…we make our trek to the Avenue they call Wisconsin around 6pm. “The Part-timer” was supposed to come, and we waited as long as we could. She prolly just had something else better come up. Still would have been nice.

We park our car a block from this place my band used to play like every week a few years, back off of Wisconsin Ave. We then walk a few blocks toward DC to El Guapos to meet up with Allison (KY) and Allison (Baltimore). Allison-Baltimore was funny, well sorta. Like in that “uh, ok” kinda way…we didnt really chat until Allison (KY) left to pee. Turns out she works for the Senate or something and she gave both Rob and me her card with her cell phone on the back. We both thought that pretty weird. Anyways…we drank a beer and headed out to the Reno that is of Fort.

There we met up with Karin and her brother Rob. Woah, two Allisons and two Robs….bizzare…So the first band was a two piece, and the name still eludes me. But it was the singer from Hoover and some other dude on guitar. They were incredibly good, but a drummer would have really helped. Very incredible songs too. Yum. Finally Fugazi took the stage. Finally. It had been a year since the last time I saw them and on the same Ft. Reno stage. This time the rain hit early so we got a full set. Woo! I started out on the side of the stage to get some side shots, then I moved to the front of the stage off to the side to get some front shots. It was just completely mezmorizing to watch them. They always do that to me. Not much can be said. Prolly one of the better set lists i’ve ever heard. Lots of good old stuff. Lots of good middle stuff and a few newer songs and a few really rocking brand new ones. Guy was out of control. I wish he could teach the world how to dance. He’s a phenomenal guy. And the steam that spewed from Ian and Guy was amazing. I still dont know why they put the gun to Joe’s head to make him sing a song for each show. He looks so unhappy. So yes, that was rock. The show was amazing, as they always are. Perhaps just the fact that it was a complete show at Ft. Reno made it that much more special. The last time i remember them playing a full set was prolly in 1993. Bizzare.

After the show, we dropped Rob off at the station and Karin and I went to the Silver Diner. Our old stopping ground. It’s always awesome catching up with Karin. Wonderful person. Way cool emotion and intensities going on with her. I wish more people had a fraction of the emotion and opinions this girl has. And when I got home I had three gifts waiting for me. #1:: Elle’s postcard! Woo! #2::The best of REM and #3:: Rough Mixes for the upcoming Tempo Team 7″. Fucking hell it’s cool. The first song with Mimi (Low) is pretty damn spooky, but all of that stuff he does with her is. The second one is more noticable as to who is playing drums and bass. And the samples are great. Booty shake yer bon bon. Yum! More to come of this at a later time. I was telling Allison over the beer that I still am realizing that I will be playing mechanicals and royalties to this one dude from one of my most prized bands ever. I think that is one of the coolest things for me. Yes, it rules. And yes, I have buttons. You want one? Come and get it. Tomorrow is the Legg Mason Tennis thing. I think I am going. Fun! Ok, i am tired and need to sleep. Fugazi and pictures from the day will be up tomorrow.

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