van gogh’s dog

mat as a cute lil' baby...gosh i loved being a child...Today was James’ day. I listened to a lot of James. James James James James James James James! Woo. I also finished all my post cards for the first OM Postcard exchange. And embellishing them with a sticky izone picture. Mucho fun. Mucho Mucho fun. I love having small little projects like this. Hopefully we’ll do this more regularly. So today turned out to be catch up day. I got to clean my room a hell whole of a lot. While doing so, I got to turn my amp to a nice 40%. With this Musical Fidelity amp, 40% here is not a 40% with a standard Sony, or Kenwood amp. The ratios are incredibly different. So I basically made the roof rumble, and made my intestines move around. But like Jimi Hendrix, you have to have the music loud enough to move your soul. I really believe that. Volume isnt power, but it’s a power like a soul. Or something. It’s just an honest pleasure.

So the Radiohead show today also got canceled from yesterday’s storm. Fucked up shite. Must have been treacherous. At least Fugazi is tomorrow. That will be a great time. Who’s coming? I cant even remember now. We’ll soon see. I also got to work a lot on my artwork for MONSIII. I basically redid my gatefold for the inside of the liner notes. I am much more confident with what i have now that with before. What I had before was just WAY too much. It was gaudy. Perhaps it was also that I didnt do it. What a control freak I am. Or something. It’s just nice to hit another plateau with this record. Now i just have to design what the actual cd will be like. It’s all one to me. But it’s such a big part of the deal. I’ll figure it out. I reckon. Still would be nice to have someone else here to shoot the shit about ideas. I got to talk to Mark from Tempo Team today. Or rather, I got very detailed emails from him regarding mechanicals and contracty related stuff. I really need to rehash all the stuff with mechanicals with my books and old notes. That always gave me a headache in the past with contracts.

So nothing else is up. Catch up days are nice. But only every once and a while. Oh yeah, I got to file away like 11 months of photos that have been piling up in a corner in my room. It was funny going thru all those old pictures from last year. Damn, I take way too many photos. Gots to deal man. Gots to. What’s up with Buffy the vampire slayer. Why is she a make up girl? She’s not even all that good looking? She can kick ass though. But i do reckon that make up is for ugly girls. Never understood the make up thing, unless trying to look like yer wearing it, like Bowie. I just never got the girls who caked it on. Fucking clowns. And I got postcard #2 from the OM PostCard Exchange. It was also from Ely. I am not wondering why i got two. Weird. But cool none the less. Rock on Ely. Is that short for something? Elyrific? Elyramus? Elymatic? Elyoff? Elytruth? Elypoon? I like Elymatic the best. Ok, boring day=boring diary entry. Maybe someone will do something cool tomorrow at the Fugazi show. Maybe Guy will get naked.

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  • Everyone told me that the postcards I made probably wouldn’t make it through the mail. Even the lady at the post office mentioned that she didn’t think they would go through. So, I sent everybody two postcards, one that I made and one ‘real’ postcard. I hope everybody gets both of them.

    Ely, which isn’t short for anything, but you can call me elymatic if you want

  • mat, check your email.

    no fugazi for me!

    fuck overtime, hope you guys have fun.


  • My brother and his friends are probably heading down south for Fugazi tonight. But not I, Rabbi.

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