so, i went to the chelsea drugstore to get your prescription filled

Today was Radiohead day. I awoke at 7ish, cos I seem to be in that swing of things lately. I do recall my last semester in college. I remember getting up pretty late as I did a lot in college and thinking: “I am never gonna have a job where I work 9-5!” I was so foolish and young. Not that I am not now, but damned if you can find a gig outside of that. Luckily my hours are totally bizzare all the time. So regardless, I digress. I got the station at like 9am. Did some work there too. Go Mat. Working Mat. I think Rob came in first. So punctual. Christy was fashionably late. Ha! I think the highlight of waiting around for everyone was listening to the Velvet Underground’s first record. I think it was just neat hearing it being played in my office! Loved that.

So we make our trek out there to Centreville, to the Bull Run Park. Isnt Elle from there? That’s sooooooooo boon dock land! Heh! So with the help of Michelle we get there ok. Fucking Korinne’s directions sucked as always. Why dont we learn from our mistakes! Then we get there and we meet the infamous LIZ from 930 Club. She has been known to be pretty curt with people. So I was a little weary of meeting her. Not that I really care, but still. So the first thing she asks is, “Who is in charge?” And without the bat of an eye, every part-timer and intern pointed to me. So be it. It was just funny that this was my first promotion that I went to that I was actually working. Bizzare and still quite humourous to me. So we met her and she showed us what to do with our shite. Cool girl. Oh yeah, and i got the van stuck in the mud. Go me. So basically we chilled under the tent shooting the shit until they opened gates. I cant believe it, but if i recall correctly we did that for over 2 hours except for getting to check out Radiohead’s soundcheck. That was pretty interesting. They finally let the people in and me and Rob went to get food-age. I got a vege-burger that was pretty darn good and Rob got some pizza and was mezmorized by the sheer hugeness of the 1000 gallon hydration system. It was huge. So it was well warranted. Or maybe it was the pain killers he was on for his wisdom teeth being pulled. Some of the best part of that part of the day was Katie. That girl is just a bundle of engergy. Always making the funny comment or whatnot. Anyways…

I think around 3 or 4 it started raining. A little after that, we get word from 930 Club/IMP that we should all head out to our van. So we do. We also moved the van out of the hole i put it in. Or rather, the part-timers pushed it out while I pushed on the pedal. But i was in charge, right? Then it started to pour like a mofo. Like graphic torrential rain and thunder and lighting. IT’S A MONSOON!!!! I just wanted to sing JAMES. Or at least hear it. Eventually the people running around had water up to their knees. It was crazyness i tell you. We were literally in a lake in a matter of 45 minutes. It was pretty crazy man. We still had to get the tent and shite we left there. Keep in mind, we still hadnt seen any band. So basically we kinda hung out there for a while until it let up a little. We gave out Radiohead stickers and stuff from the label. Then we finally just said “Fuck it” and left. On the way home we heard it was canceled. Duh. Arg. I was kinda pissed I didnt get to see them. But whatever, it was a fun time hanging with all the part-timers and interns and seeing Skeletor. She’s a kool kat. She’s got a lot of this and she’s got a lot of that. Ok, i am done being 12.

And after we all got back to the station we went to McDonald’s. I forgot why we went there…I offered to go to a normal sit-down restaurant and pay the tab, yet we still went to McDonald’s. Why, I ask?! My tummy still hurts. Ick. We got back to the station and then the power goes out. Luckily they have huge power generators. Then Christy came back in the station to pee and we chatted for a few about her ex-boyfriend being a punk. God forbid she chat a little longer. It’s weird, cos I am not one to judge (much), but it’s coo-kie cos she broke up with her boy of three years. And they still talk and he still wants to hang, but she is weary of that. So when ever I hear about him, it’s always about her complaining about him saying mean things about her. I just can’t fathom her dealing with it. I’d just say “Fuck off.” People shouldnt be treated that way. Or if they are, they should bust it out of there. People suck sometimes. I wanna be a Weimeranner. They are cool dogs. I’d love to just take this girl out, but she is still getting over her ex-boyfriend, so I dont wanna persue anything really right now, cos that would not be a good idea. I reckon she needs to just regroup on her own. I cant even imagine doing the “dating” thing these days. But it’s not even like I have a sign she’s interested, anyways. Damn, I am pessimistic. But we did make tentative plans to go to Fugazi this monday. Something cool to look forward to. Cooley. Oh and on the way back from the station I heard good Stones, Police, and Led Zeppelin tunes. So that sorta made up for not seeing Radiohead. Sorta. Ok, i am totally on crack. Tomorrow I am doing nothing. I prolly should get on my label shite. I just wish I had someone as my right hand man to help out with shit. Arg…people should live in DC more. It’s good for you man. And click on the picture to see the photos from the day.

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