what the fuck is mony mony?

ely rulesI love mail. Not email. But mail mail. I hate having to have to say “Mail Mail” – As opposed to real mail. It should just me “mail” and you know what i am talking about. You should have to specify if you mean e-mail. Fuckers. But today I got some mail from Ely. And better yet, it was on a piece of box. And on the other side there was a pretty painting with a note. Foxy man. Even above everything else Ely rocks hard because I never asked him to send me this. Random mail rocks. You want brownie points with Mat? You send him unsolicited stuff in the mail. He also really likes candy. Yum! I miss the days when SCUG (www.scug.net) was in full effect, cos people would send me candy all the time. Where are you people?!

Tomorrow is Radiohead. I am pretty excited. I am actually set to go see them on Sunday too, but I am thinking that will be too much. So I may skip that 2nd nite. I talked to our Music Director (LeeAnn) and I should have a photo pass there. I may need to talk to Frank at Capital Recs. So(but) we’ll see. I finally also get to meet not-so-needed infamous Liz from the 930 Club. Supposedly she’s this hot/cold lady. She gets along with few and is basically the club nazi. Whatever. I dont need her for anything typically. And if I do i’ll just ask Colin to work thru her. Thank the spirits in the sky I dont need to work with that. Ha! I hate people like that. Just be nice. Fucking bark is lame man. Unless my Mother, of course.

I have a new hat. I think I like it. I wore the other side of the hat today. Yes, it’s reversible. Yes, I rock. And yes the underside is terry cloth. I think everything should be velvet or terry cloth. That rocks. And rules. And i am not sure how to spell Terry Cloth, but it will now be spelled that way.

ely for real, rulesI am of the belief that:
-It rained today
-It had been weeks since that happened
-That shit should have cooled things off
-Now it’s just more muggy
-I want to be in New England with Jonathan Richman
-We’d be singing campfire songs in Cambridge
-We’d drink coffee at a non-Starshits coffee house
-Starshits is one of the roots of all evil in this country
-Latin can be fun
-Digital is scary
-Girls smell nice
-I am in desperate need of a beach vacation
-I have no one to take with me
-Anyone wanna go with me?
-I am serious
-Well, unless Al asks
-I just cant look at Al in a bathing suit
-Same goes for Daniel
-Just kidding, sorta. Al & Daniel, you are both welcome
-I am skeptical of starting a MONS band
-But I will at least buy a bass
-I’d rather be in the studio until my ears bleed again
-There she goes now, singing, “Mony Mony”
-What the fuck is Mony Mony?

My favorite quote of the day today was from Christy: “My ass hurts” – Classic.

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  • re: beach – I’m going to be in Rehoboth for the next 2 weeks, so if you wanna come down and chill you’d be welcome to. we’ll tawk,

    -Alex In Chains

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