don’t wait that long

stacey and al - izone - taken prolly in the fall of 2000...long live the powers of the AL-NESS MONSTERthebobpink: dooode! this girl’s looking for a DRUMMER!
mat: who?
thebobpink: you could be it!!
thebobpink: click this
mat: she got some dope lips
thebobpink: she’s so witty.
mat: parental advisory and all too
thebobpink: she’s controversial!
thebobpink: you could be her cowboy. and she could be your cowgirl.
mat: dude, i am cuming to her front door
mat: it’s like ani morrisette
thebobpink: hehehehe………..
mat: i sent her an email
mat: dude, that’s one killer guitar solo
thebobpink: did you sign it “felix in chains”???
mat: hahahaha
mat: i signed it, you roxxxxx
thebobpink: you should have sent her something really obscure.
mat: shee needs nude photos on this site
thebobpink: like a link to a roxy music website.
mat: ooooh
mat: yeah oR oingo boingo
thebobpink: fuck with her pretty little head…
thebobpink: mr mister.
mat: kick traci
thebobpink: glass tiger!
mat: Honeymoon Suite
thebobpink: bullet boys.
mat: martika
thebobpink: THAT’S IT!!!!!!!!!
thebobpink: that’s who she look like!
mat: 🙂
thebobpink: damn , yer good…..
mat: I WIN!
thebobpink: hehehehehehehehe
thebobpink: yes you do, jack.
thebobpink: 🙂
mat: finially!

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