dont you be so happy, and for heaven’s sake dont you be so sad

spring 2000 - recording lucky guns (one of the best bands known to mankind) on my beloved favorite drums (The vistalites) - god i love those drums...the cadalac is pulling out of the graveyard----get in....Bands I wish I got to see in their HAY-DAY: Television, Jonathan Richman, The Police, Led Zeppelin, Jane’s Addiction (pre 1988), The Pixies, Minor Threat, Circus Lupus, Ned’s Atomic Dustbin, The Beatles on the ’66 tour, The Stones in ’76, & AC/DC (Bon Scott era). The list continues…

Last night I had the weirdest dream. My drum/marimba professor in high school, died in my first year of college. But that wasnt part of the dream. That was a very tramatic experience. Incredibly. Beyond her musical mentoring, she was an impecible role model, helping me through those nasty years of high school…she knew how to put everything in perspective. One thing I loved about her, was teaching me how to play in a certain key. She’d point to the notes and say play these (on the vibes or something.) And dont play in time. Just play them when I play the drums. So i would get a feel of where to play, and when i would play would come in to place later on. So it was a dope beat with these horrifically placed mallet parts. Taught me a lot about what not to play and when to rip it up and how. Anyways. She died my first year in college. And I didnt go to the funeral. Looking back I really think I should have. I need that closure. I never had any with her. I did visit her once during winter break after semester #1. But still. I feel awful I never went to it. My dream last night was fucked up. In my dream she was alive, but left her husband and was married to a woman. Basically she faked her death to be with this woman. I think she was also a man or got “surgery” to become a man. It was bizzzzz-are. Regardless I miss Nora profusely and am grateful for what she taught me. Paradiddles to the rescue. And yes, chops are good, but in the end you are only choppin’ wood. Or did Mark D. say that?! I think that’s the most I’ve ever said about her ever. Feels good. Like Lemonade.

And in other news. I think I am scrapping a lot of my MONSIII artwork. I need to work on it with an other person. Someone in the area who can come over at 3am and shoot back opinions and ideas. If anyone is in the area and is down. Please shoot me up an email. I just think as much as i hate working with others that two heads are sometimes better than one. Especially cos i am not a designer. Inquire within. And/or fuck off. Your choice. And i get to watch Superman 3 tonite. I rule.

10 Worst Things About MTV

  1. Hype
  2. Conservatove Programming
  3. Censoring Videos
  4. Sexism
  5. The VeeJays (has there ever been one with an IQ in triple digits?!)
  6. Pauly Shore (even though my mother loves him)
  7. Contests
  8. Tabitha Soren
  9. Attempting to prevent videos from being shown on other video channels
  10. Attitude

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