little pink houses for you and me

Snagged CDs from DC101:
Fuel’s – sunburn
Hayseed Dixie – a hillbilly tribute to ac/dc (absolutely incredible)
the Cult – beyond good and evil
Poe – haunted
Bare Jr – Bootay (for obvious reasons why i took this one home)
Limp Bizkit – chocolate starfish (gonna give it another try)
Deftones – white pony (some said “part-timer” suggested it)
Stone Temple Pilots – shangri-la-di-da

So today was let’s listen to every damn Major Label major market radio station band day! I wanted to see what the kids were really listening to. I kinda like this new Fuel. Or actually I think it’s the older one. Cos I noticed when filing my CDs i had another one there still in it’s plastic wrap was it had a newer date. I love that fact that there are still maybe 1-2% of all my CDs that still have packaging on them…love it. Shimmer is a really good song. No wonder it was the single.

Sometimes I wish I wasnt such a snob about this shit. I wish I could just listen to music and it would be ok. But that would not be proactive and way too passive which I cant stand. I guess I’ve heard too much shit and I get picky. It’s a yin/yang dealy I guess. I read the on Bare Jr. They look interesting. So i am looking forward to that. The Deftones had a good track on there. It was #7. It was a cool drum loop and cool vox. The rest of the CD sorta all dragged in to the same angry song. Lots of rage. They need a carebear. The one with the rainbow on their chest. It’s not bad music at all, dont get me wrong. They are very talented. They reminded me a lot of Soundgarden. It’s just not my thang. Lots of wood chopping too.

My new obsession is Newman’s Own foods. I used to buy bags of their pretzles back when I worked at Blockbuster cos with my discount they were pretty cheap and I couldnt find them ANYWHERE else. They started stocking them in Giant again. God they are good. All natural. All goodness. (like how i like my girlies?!) And I tried out their Lemonade yesterday at Giant. Yum. Damn Yum! And they make GOOD salad dressing too. Perfeck. I also saw Co-worker #1 there with his girlfriend or something of the sort. The girl is a part timer who works for co-worker #1. She’s also pretty cool. So it’s a little touchy, I reckon. It’s just funny, because he used to always make fun of his contemporary at one point, cos that dude would always date the part-timers and interns. Pretty funny. So this co-worker #1 guy is pretty much a perfectionist, so it’s pure irony and humour to me that he has fallen in his ways. Totally makes me crack up. And I bring it up to him and he totally all blushes, to the max. I love it. And he’ll ask me about my “part-timer” and I guess I just do the same thing.

While typing this I took out the Fuel and popped in the Bare Jr CD. Fucking weird. It’s like rock but has some country in it, like Jack and Diane John Cougar Mellancamp with guitar solos like J Mascis. I love Mellancamp’s middle name. Why would he get rid of it. Lil’ Pink Houses man. There was this mega punk band that covered Pink Houses, I wish I knew what the band was called. It was worth it just for that track. I am gonna go check right now to see if I can figure it out. —- Back…oh shit. It’s AVAIL. Weird. I think the “part-timer” was talking about them on Saturday. Bizzare. Complete circle man. Here is a sample of the song if you wanna indulge. Spooky. So we’ll see. Rock me Amadeus. Keep on rockin’ in the free world. Don’t eat the yellow snow. Rockit, yeah. Just like heaven. Hello, Hello, Hello. We got the funk. Wish I was ocean size. Got some bad shit, walk the streets of LA. It’s all too much, for me to be. Life’s a bummer, when you’re a hummer.

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  • Bare Jr. is another one of those Nashville bands I have seen a half a dozen times. That album is all about sexual confusion. I love it.

  • Fuel`s Shimmer is EVIL! It was played 27 zillion times over the course of a year or so on our station. I will hate them till the end of time for that song.

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