don’t need no credit card to ride this train

charles' photograph is wonderous and huey lewis is awesome!So I guess it goes back to Friday on my day off. I didnt really do much. I did lots of little things. I went to the bank to work out OM Records stuff, went to check my PO Box and to mail off to packages that were overdue. I went to Target to finally get that I Zone i’ve always wanted. I got Blimpie for lunch. They also changed all the #s for what station is what on the cable thing. Basically is was a mega chill day that I did need generously. I was on AIM throughout the day. Christy found me at one point asking if I was going to Rolling Rock Town Fair? I thought this was weird, cos she already asked me the night before and I told her no, because I was going to 930 Club to see Living Colour. But then it hit me. I have nothing to really do all day other than bicker and complain about my record label. And prolly redo every song i’ve done for MONSIII. On a side note? Is Christy a nickname for something else? Kristen? Christeena? Etc? Who knows.

So it was around that time when I starting thinking maybe I should go. It was an all day festival in Latrobe, PA. That is where they make Rolling Rock Beer. It’s not a bad beer. It’s not a good one however. But i’ll drink it when I feel the need. The station got 7 tour busses to ship 300 listeners to the concert stocked with over 100 cases of beer. Not a bad gig. So yeah, I got majorly suckered in to going to this festival thing by a cute girl. But it wasnt a bad thing, I hope.

I did have to get up at 4.30am on Saturday morning to get to the station at 5.30am and then I think we were supposed to leave at 6am. Since I got there early and no one else did, I printed up some proofs of what my CD Artwork would look like. Bad ass is all i can say. But I am not happy with it. I needs something less. It’s just too much. So anyways…I found Christy who graciously suckered me in to this and met her friend LISA. She was nice. Looked like a punker, but turned out to not really be one. So we got on the bus. I sat in the seat right in front of them. So everytime I turned my head I would get a headache. It was a plus that she was a good looking girl, and didnt talk too fast.

Highlights on the bus trip there included:
-Taking a piss in the pisser and trying to stay standing.
-Eavesdropping on listeners’ conversations
-Taking pictures with my IZone
-Christy slipping on one of the coolers
-Watching the landscapes change

So we got there and grouped up and shit. We all sorta just hung outside of the buses and shot the shit. Then after a little while we treked out of the parking lot to the place where it all was. We all sorta stood around for a while. It was pretty evident that Christy and myself didnt want to hang out the rest of the crew all day. So I think once they decided to go somewhere we mysteriously didnt go in that direction. It’s not like I dont get along with those people, I just prefer small groups. So we basically just walked around trying to find good spots to go. We finally ended up in a VIP section although I dont think we knew it until we got our asses booted out. We finally did make it back by coming from the behind the bleachers and crawling through. We lasted there a long time.

So for the most part all the bands were the same. We got there around when Tantric was prolly playing their last few songs. Pretty boring. Then Oleander was on. um. Same thing. For all I know it was Fred Durst’s new band. And the order could have been the other way around. It was that similar. Staind wasnt that good either. I mean for what they did, it was mediocre. Still pretty cookie cutter. And their sound was some nasty ass low-mid range oomph. Ick. Incubus was actually my highlight of the day band wise. I had seen them once before. I am not a fan, per se, but I did enjoy the show. The guitarist always looks like he has no clue where he is and the drummer always adds in spices of drum & bass and jungle beats. The singer didnt bring out the dijeridoo this time. After that was the Deftones. I had heard these guys were great live. They weren’t. They were completely awful. It was so unecessary and wrong. The only cool parts were when the singer would throw his mic on the ground or push the mic in to the monitor speakers for some dope feedback. What a waste of oxygen. He also make these skwalks with his voice. And the fucking idiot wonders why he has to cancel shows for voice problems. Then Live came on, but we got food then and rested on a grassy hill…another band i just never got. They arent even cookie cutter. But there was never anything interesting about anyone in the band. So 4 mediocre musicians equals shit in my eyes. Boring. Lighting Crashes my ass. Then Stone Temple Pilots were on. I was kinda looking forward to this. It wasnt all that though. The songs were too slow and he made fun of Rob Halford in a bad way. Fucking herion fiends suck. Another waste of oxyegen! The cool part was watching LISA sing along to all the STP songs. It was kinda cute. It was weird, cos she totally had the image of a punker, but she knew all the words to all the bands. Kinda dumbfounded me.

So yeah, it was cool hanging with Christy. It’s bizzare cos she is pretty damn cool as girls goes. In fact she’s pretty damn close to ideal in what I look for in women. But she’s very quiet which is weird. Cos most of the girls I hang out with wont ever stop talking. Maybe that is a good thing. I enjoy the silence sometimes. I do know I hope she doesnt dye her hair as he hinted at on the bus and before. Cos she has the best damn hair ever. I think I noticed that when waiting in line for lunch during Live. Awesome color, awesome length and it’s healthy. The bus ride home was pretty chill. We watched the 6th Day. I had seen it before and I fell asleep half way through it. Then I woke up at the end and thought a lot about stuff going on in my life and stared at the moon until it disapeared. So yeah. That’s it. No more details on that, cos I am pretty sure Christy reads this. Her friend, LISA, told me she liked my site. I asked her how she found it and she said through DC101’s site. I made it a point to never be able to find my personal site through DC101’s. So something was fishy. Then they both talked about the polls. It’s cool that they read it, but it makes for more incriminating information to be known here. You know. So I guess whatever she (they) know, they know. And if it was a problem with what she knows about me, I wouldnt have been there yesterday. Blah Blah. I am just too damn paranoid. And the fact that she just broke up with her boyfriend doesnt help issues. She’s also pretty quiet about that with me. For once, I just wish we got to talk more at the show and learn more about each other. I think we both have that same thick wall. Regardless, thanks Christy, for inviting my skinny white ass. And nice socks LISA!

PS. There are photos of this trip to the right – “photos from travels”

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