vinnie colly-ooo-taaaa

so the intonation would not kill your ears

So MONSIII was basically recorded in a time period dating back to August 2000. The recording ended around May 2001. One of the last large recording sessions included THEBOBGREENE and CDnow Joe. The last song we did was a very very very free form raga based on the theme of nothing. Just play the drum beat on an SK1 with some echo and then whatever else in the room was around, we’d bang on it. So this song was basically shelved until today. I never had the patience to mix a 18 minute opus. But today I did. It’s insane. There is even a xylophone part. Daniel to the rescue. I am working on restructuring it for part of the MONSIII conglomerate. So yes, the record is not done. It will be soon, none the less.

I really have nothing else to say on here these days. So why dint you tell me something cool. I wish someone would write for me. Like Man or Astro Man? has that band that plays all their songs. I need that shit. For my website and for my MONS band. Anyone interested in either endeavor?

Here are my favorite keywords that people typed in search engines to find my website for the past few weeks. This shit kills me!
KUGS campus radio
70’s baseball shirts
xxx stories
Asahi Pentax Spotmatic
WHAT IS BUKAKI (exactly!)
Atari logo
bukaki sex
bukaki mom
cool things to write in a girl’s yearbook (my favorite!)
hold pee in contests
teenagers girls wearing socks
Jane’s addiction

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