making flippy floppy

bennie singing to tifanny in my dorm room in u of hartford...god those were the dayz... heh.Soundtrack of the day: Talking Heads: stop making sense, Mogwai: come on die young, Dismemberment Plan: emergency and i, Pete Yorn: live at the roxy, The Who: live at leeds double disc, Kraftwerk: man*machine.

I have a cold! This happens the first week after it gets below 60 degrees every year! I just always forget about it. Oh well. I am excited for the fall. Hopefully that seasonal affective deal wont be as bad as last year. Oh yeah, I got to do a survey for Kat’s class:

Name:: Mat
Age:: 24
Marital Status:: single
Currently in school ______ employed __X__ or both_______?
Please also list your year in school and/or job title.

Internet Content Manager: DC101-FM
I also run a small record label

Please list family and friends that you talk to the most, and the major means of communication with each of them (i.e., talking face to face, telephone (land line), telephone (cell phone), letters, email, instant messenger, webcam, or other)
Mom: face to face, telephone
Dad: face to dace, telephone
Lith: telephone, cell phone, face to face
Papa: telephone, face to face (In Boston)
Becca: face to face, telephone, IM
Jessie Belle: email, face to face
Zut: letters, email, telephone, face to face (In Boston)
Karin: email, phone, face to face (In Baltimore)
Jamie: IM, email, face to face (In NYC)
Ben: face to face, IM, email
Feetnik: IM, email, telephone (in TN)
Mark: phone, email

How often do you communicate with your family? Who initiates the communication?
I communicate daily with them. It doesn’t hurt living with them. We all initiate conversation, unless if in the morning, I do not speak. It is understood to keep communication to a minimum in the morning for the well being of everyone. In college, I would call them on the telephone a few times a week when I wasn’t gig-ing or recording much. Otherwise once a week during college.

Is there anyone that you would like to communicate with more, but are unable? Why?
I’d love to communicate more with all my friends that live in other states, which is definately a growing number. It’s really hard to do so. Completely different schedules only leads to communication every week via email or monthly via phone, if that.

Do you prefer to communicate through audio, visual, written, or face to face methods? Why?
I prefer to get audio cues from people. As well as visual ones. How ever I get them. Watching the way the lips are formed. Watching to see the blink frequency in the eyes. Hearing voice inflection and breath is key as well. But as far as giving a communication, I prefer face to face (so I can get that feedback) or written (because I can be horrifically shy depending on my mood).

Are you/have you ever been in a long distance relationship? How did you stay in touch? Did lack of communication affect the relationship?
I had been in one. We stayed in touch via telephone and copius letters. Lack of communication did effect the relationship.

When you are far away from a person you care about (family or friend), what do you miss the most?
Their voice. And warmth.

What do you think is missing, or what would be a useful added feature, to current means of communication?
I don’t understand the question. I am satisified with all means of communications. Teleporters would rule.

What are some notable purchases you have made recently (within a year)? Why did you buy it? Are you still satisfied with it?
I presume this relates to purchases related to communications. I bought a cell phone. I am sure I bought a pen. I bought a web cam. Both are very satisfying.

What do you look for when making a purchase? (rate 1-10, ten most important)
Brand name___5___

Do you prefer products to be multi-functional_______ or more specialized__X___?

How would you describe yourself? Check all that apply.
Outgoing___ Assertive___Happy__X__ Quiet_______ Loud_______Generous_X_Kind___X____Funny_____ Optimistic___Pessimistic__Thrifty_____Energetic___ Lazy______ Indecisive___OpinionatedXImpulsive___ Calm__X___DeliberateX_

What kind of car do you have? What kind of car do you want? Why?
I have a 1995 Buick LeSabre. I want a Trans Am. Why? Because it’s very cool looking.

What magazines do like to read?
Tape Op, Mix Magazine, Uptown

Are you saving up to buy anything right now? What?
A house. Production of Vinyl/CDs for label.

What are three things you would buy if money were no object?
1. a house
2. a recording studio
3. a dark room

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