year 2000 non-compliant cardia

noell and zut...yup.Soundtrack of the day: The Who’s live at leeds, the Dirty Three’s ocean songs, Mogwai’s come on die young, God Speed You Black Emporer’s Lift Your Skinny Fists Like Antennas to Heaven (over and over and over again, Pete Yorn’s Live at the Roxy.

Today was a cool day, i guess. I didnt really sleep in as much as needed, cos i had to drop my car off at the gas station to get fixed. It was leaking some funky stuff. So after that, I went to Tower cos I promised myself that I would get The Who’s live at leeds. And I did. And it’s wonderful. Then I went to work for a little bit to catch up on some junx that got missed throughout the week. Fun fun. we dont get fooled again

I sorta forget what happened then. But Becca showed up at my door and we headed to the 930 Club. It was kinda weird, cos she asked me how to get there. Just an odd observation. So originally I was going to go to dinner with Karin, but it turned out the show started at 6pm. So I had to bail on Karin. I felt bad, but Becca had to see Si Se. So we got there around 6.30 or so and got a beer and chilled in the basement part. I never really chilled there much but it was mega cool. Then Si Se came on. I was pretty apprehensive as I am with many bands that i hear of 2nd hand. But in fact I was very blown away with them. Mega awesome vocals. I wanted to just touch her belly all day. And the percussion dude was splendid. What’s up with them anyways? They get all the toys. Lucky sons of bitches. So that was that. I am definately going to have to buy the CD. It was that good. Then after their set, the singer was on the side of the stage and Becca transformed in to “THAT GIRL” – It was really cute and she got the singers autograph and the singer gave Becca a hug. I think the singer really liked it. It was pretty nifty. Then David Byrne came on. I’ve meant to see him for ages. I remember when all my friends from college in TN went to see him in Nashville, and I didnt go. They talked about the show for weeks after it. I kicked myself for not going. So i finally got to see it. He even played two Talking Heads songs. That made my night. …and the days go by – We didnt stay for the whole time, cos I got pretty hungry. I got enough though.

We then went to the Tastee diner. There were these really annoying little boys to the left of us. They talked a lot about DSL. I wanted to punch them. I should have. Nice goatee, asshole! I cant believe I ever had a goatee. They are pretty silly. After that we kinda took the long way back and listened to a lot of TOOL. Then I drove to GOD SPEED YOU BLACK EMPOROR for the whole 2 disc set. It was mega relaxing. I really needed it. Time for bed, i am exhausted.

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