i get up in the evening and i aint got nuthin to say

thanks christy for the pete yorn live cd.  you rule. Nothing really too exciting happened today during the day. The highlight was going to lunch with Colin, Korinne, and JRock. Colin told funny ass stories of his wacko roomates with his crustations and fish. (are they one and the same?!) One time Colin’s roomates went to get crabs and put the crabs in his roomate’s hamster cage. Funny shit. What a frat boy! A lot of fun was made on Korinne which always leads to great comic relief. Gotta love that.

After work I came back home to take care of some incidentals and eat a bit. I think I literally took 4 takes back to the car. I first had to come back in to get my camera (which incidentally was never used), then I had to grab some good CDs, then I had to get some ear plugs, which i never got, I forget what I got instead. There was one more, but I cant recall what it was for. God i love my memory. I cant believe I can remember my name. Which is now Scooter Jambalaya. I will be now called “SCOOTER” from now on. Actually only those cool enough will be able to call me SCOOTER.

So I picked up Becca and we headed to the Patriot Center in VA. Along the way, we listened to some good tunage. Some Flaming Lips, some God Speed You Black Emporer and a MIX CD of some of the stuff Becker is gonna be giving me. It was a taste. Some really nifty stuff. I think there was 808 State, some Beeeeeeeeee-ork remixes. Other stuff too i cant recall names though. I am really starting to dig the BJORK remixes. I feel like a sell out, but hey, good music is good music. Perhaps I am still pretty damn stubborn. That’s gotta be it. I think Becca loves music in a similar manner as myself. It’s more than just tunage. She hears the bass when it’s playing a chord. I know when she says she hears it too, she really is hearing it. That turns me on.

We got there and Becca forgot her ID, or more I forgot to tell her the tickets would be in her name at WILL CALL. So we had to walk back to the car to get it and then we see January and Liz, with whom I used to work with. Well at least January. Liz would just always come to all the movies. Cute girl. I think she’s Jewish too. Not necessarily an asset. I think i’ve only dated one Jewish girl in my lifetime. I wonder how that works. GOY pussy power man. I was gonna say maybe it was that a lot of Jewish girlies are pretty damn high mantainance, but with her that was so not the case. Actually thinking, I remember one other. So two Jewish girlies. Ha!

Speaking of girlies, Mat failed tonite. His mission was to profess his evidently profound attraction to “The Part Timer.” We were originally supposed to meet back at the station to drive down to the Black Cat together. But i got there and got a call from Morgan saying that her connection to get us all in was piss drunk on a couch in an unknown area. So fuck. Fuck that dude! Luckily “The Part Timer” was on the guestlist. Or at least she was the plus one for her boss at Sony. Regardless, I failed. I didnt get to see Modest Mouse with her nor get to get drunk with her. It all goes back to those messed up relationships in high school that have forever tainted me in to never being able to open up to girls i am attracted to. And i was doing so well too, in general. Well sorta. I dont know what it is. She still makes me nervous. Arg. And having Morgan on the cell phone with “The Part Timer” right next to me, egging me on to pork her in the car definately didnt help! It was kinda funny, i guess, but at the same time, it was so bitterly ironic as nothing happened. Something has got to change. I need bigger balls or something. Or if she’s interested she’s gotta say something. Morgan said it was up to me. But I think that is a total crock of shit. Yes, i am a little older. Yes, i am a dude. But what excuse does that give me?! None. None what so ever. None more louder. It sucks cos I presume she is just as shy as me. Which is a horrible math equation. Or maybe she’s totally uninterested. But then why beg me to come to Weezer. Booboo! And I was chatting with her last nite on IM, and she said her boy just walked in. And I still have no clue what’s up with that. So that made me feel really uncomfortable and quite angry that I wasnt that one walking in her doorway with her telling another person that “Mat just walked in.” I dont know what else to say about this. I just wish it was easier. It’s not. I am doomed. You think she’ll ask to hang tomorrow night after David Byrne to get me drunk? You think? I mean the show does end promptly at 10pm. I think there is a second show at 11pm or something. None the less, I still doubt it. But a man can hope. And I do love suprises. I feel like Natalie Imbruuuuugigie;laielaiealiea in her pop diddy. Actually I dont. But it was a fun name to say outloud right now.

Yeah, so Weezer was pretty boring. In general they are most likely the most boring band to watch ever. Maybe next to Autechre. They literally just stood there. So watching the show from the bleachers was pretty lame. They did play TIRED OF SEX (the song I was supposed to make out with “The Part Timer” according to Daniel – and no it didnt happen – Heh.) which is one of my favorite Weezer songs. At one point when Becker and me were walking around, she goes “Grab one of those straws for me!” So my instinct was to just dive and grab it. Which I did. Weird. So now Becker has an amazingly cool purple straw that is all circular and what not. So yeah, Weezer live is mega boring. The new songs were decent and hearing the 2nd guitar dude sing verses from War Pigs (black sabbath) was my highlight. Nice, huh? Blah, I am still pissed at myself for not saying anything to Booboo.

For the rest of the night after “The Part Timer” drove me to the Black Cat to meet up with Morgan was spent driving around DC cos we were gonna go to Metro Cafe to dance to Brit Pop, but we couldnt find a parking space. So we just talked a lot and drove back to Rockville to pick up my car. We listened to a lot of HELMET. Which rocks. Very high school nostalgia for me. Morgan with the cool taste in mew-zac. Go her! Girls who like HELMET should rule the world.

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