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wwjjd (9k image)Yeah, I am overworked and underpaid. I seem to complain a butt load about my job. How many station’s sites I run… How I wasnt hired to do 54 stations in 8 major markets… So be it. I guess i’ve worked in to my job title. I am a Manager. I never wanted to be. Why do things happen this way? If I really think hard and drop some acid, I realize how lucky I am. I actually look forward to my job. I look forward to getting up in the morning and getting in my car to drive to an office. How fucked up is that. Granted my office is a radio station and the environment is hardly that of IBM circa 1950. But I am watching Emily search for a first “real” job out of college. It’s painful to watch her. College was hard enough. I know what she is going through, as I did that two years ago after I graduated. It’s an awful experience and I wish there was something that could be done about it to make it less painful. And that sense of lonliness is ever so much after graduating, which doesnt help. I wonder if people who dont go to college suffer this pain. I guess you can always be a pussy and lie about going to college on your resume. But in all seriousness, i’ve had one “real” job before starting at DC101 almost a year and a half ago. A real job – I consider one that isnt hourly. And that first job was pretty cool too. I mean, I did nothing and got paid almost 50% more than what I make now. But then again I was uncredibly unfulfilled. So it was good i left there. My job at DC101 is at least growing in to me. Or I am perhaps growing in to it. It’s a good feeling. I feel like a Pepsi commercial from the early 90s. I am just hoping Emily finds this job before she goes too insane.

And if you’re too cheap to spend $15 on a camera that does this on its own, take a picture with your $5000+ pro system and manipulate it on your $2000 computer in Photoshop.
— John Kantor, November 18, 1999; 02:37 P.M. Eastern

So tonight I finally made my “What Would Joan Jett Do?” t-shirts for me Laura and Lara. Let me know if you want me to make you one. Just mail and/or give me a t-shirt (and if you have the iron-on paper too, that would be best). My friend Laura gave me a few of these iron-on printing papers from work. Spring Cleaning always rules. So I made the design yesterday and printed it out today and ironed it on my cotton “blend” t-shirt. Yes, I know how to use an iron, asshole. I am wearing this t-shirt right now. I am just waiting for a dirty look from a jesus-dick-sucker. Cos who the fuck cares what jesus would do! At least Joan Jett is alive and she rocks harder than jesus ever could.

Who from University of North Carolina visits my site so often?! You rule!

Tomorrow is a light day. Do a email newsletter. Finish up some contesting and then get all teary eyed with Laura as it’s her last day. Then Laura, Lara, Buddy (hopefully), Laura’s bestfriend, Emily and Me will head to the Mongolian Grill in Bethesda and do some swank Strike Bowling nearby. Hopefully Laura wont get too drunk. But we’ll see. And Emily’s good friend Tolya is coming in for the weekend. I think we’re playing with her on Saturday. I just hope we dont go to a bar. I have gone to bars with Emily more in the past few months than I have ever in my whole entire life (outside of paid bar gigs for a band i was in). It’s getting pretty played out. So hopefully we’ll do something more interesting/entertaining. Like see Black Sabbath, or something. But like most things there are “bar people” and “people who tire endlessly at the thought of hanging out at a bar”.

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