feeling yourself disintegrate

one of my favorite self portraits...thanks jessie for ruining the picture...haha...Bizarre how those MP3s were all messed up. Go figure. Is that irony? The one time i decide to MP3 something for mass quantities it fucks up and makes them all skip. So i redid them cos I hate MP3s so much, but that hate turns to love with the Flaming Lips from me to you. But you are not a duck. So below are the fixed MP3s with my comments in italics beneath each corresponding tune. Do it to it.

The Flaming Lips 10.05.99 The Soft Bulletin Companion
35.000 Ft of Despair
spacious yet hopeless, sad bass line, how clever

1000 Ft Hands (Early Mix)
cute lil’ pop song that speaks of bleeding vaginas, i presume a deep metaphor about rufus the dinosaur, silly synths just about halfway thru, goofy beatles laughs

Riding to Work in the Year 2025 (Your Invisible Now)
boomy bass drum, cool pan-ed pianos, bizzare delayed vocals, the most dark and disdained strings, killer bass line at 1.20

Buggin’ (lips mix)
cock tease drums in verses, amazing breathy upper harmonics in the vocals, submarine blip, big snare, fuzzed distorted bass, makes me want to make out with a girl, awesome toy piano, drums fade at close

A Machine In India (edit)
annoying flute, dark horns in background, NIN type white noise, what are you doing?

Okay I’ll Admit It That I Really Dont Understand
BASS BASS BASS Geetar, larger than life drums, sounds better when playing the 4 CDs on four stereos in sync, and i agree with the title, badass vocal swells

The Captain is a Cold Heater
brilliantly orchestrated stringy-type deal, very thematic, awesome melody in vox line, very weary and tired, awesoming “waiting for my man” 8th note feel, cute voice cracks, if you’d just make one exception

Satellite of You
‘verbed drums that enter the choruses are to die for and quite uplifting, jazz drums verses panned right, christmas-y strings/tympani panned left, if you’ll be the earth-i’ll be your moon, wonderfully crafted key changes at end (1/2 steps rule)

The Spiderbite Song (early mix)
how i always wanted the drums to be, that “desperate, want to be happy” feel, awesome scratch in voice during “spider” in first verse, bizzaro looped drum deal, sad bassoon part left channel

Slow Motion (early mix)
begining reminds me of waking up on a wintery sunday morning and it’s 32 degrees out with 1 foot of fresh snow and the sun in breaking through my blinds

1000 Ft. Hands (early mix)
what is up with that voice…i am afraid, carnival strings

Little Hands (early mix)
the guide voice is the best thing ever, reminds me of a features song, la di da di da, there’s the vocal line again

The Big ol’ Bug
a perfect closure to a wonderful collection of tunes, even brings a smile to your face…amazing falsetto in left channel, sometimes in right

Oh yeah, I saw Zoolander last nite. Two greatest moments were: #1 The David Bowie Cameo #2 Jerry Stiller’s use of the Yiddish word: Toochas – the movie was funny…most people in the theatre didnt think it was. But how can you not like a free movie. Damn MP3 loving communists!

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Bee(eca)ork: wait – listen to the comments people made on this one song im puttin on your mix:
mat: huh?
Bee(eca)ork: I like. Very ambient and mellow. I like the use of her voices in the soundstage. This is hot yo!! (by harlemcat_2001)

this is STUNNING, extremely well done, Thankyou so much 🙂 I feel this song all through. (by Karli )

…*WOW* great mix //Soul Grasping you did a wonderful job………………… . . ~_~ (by Shulace)

Excellent! It gave me chills, I love the hint of Kitaro! Brilliant. (by Cvalda)

ooo smooth like the milky way… (by _sister Aggie_)

So DEEP! So miraculouse! Just beautiful, thanks! (by AdRiaN)

Brilliantly gorgeous soundscapes… (by LunarBull)

superb, Bjork is fantastic it’s hyperbeautiful song. incredible!! (by LONCAR)


Now that’s what I call a remix. (by Phil S)

How the hell can you do this??? !!!A MUST!!! One of my fav. mix:-) (by ashbal hernandez)

just great. saved my life. (by lost child)

Excellent, it makes me cold as i listen to it! I love it…. (by Pascalle)

This mix is very impressive.I don’t know what else to say. (by opiadream)

dazzling mix , exellent mix …this is the second life of headphones (by tout-comme-un-neon)

Wonderful remix!!! I think this is one of best remixes of headphones. (by disk69)

wow! Outstanding. Very well thought out mix, good arrangement ideas, a nice overall feel. (by Keith Kenniff)

Very good remix! Gives headphones the little kick it needs to be a really excellent song. Not the BEST mix ive heard of bjork, but VERY good! (by Rod Thomas)

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