okay i’ll admit it that i really dont understand

i want to be 3 againSo because I hate MP3s with a passion, i’ve decided to spread the hate to everyone of the world. I’ve encoded the The 10.05.99 Soft Bulletin Companion CD for everyone to download. I suggest burning to CD, putting on tremendously good headphones and/or a nice above par stereo and indulge. I hope it changes your life, or at least make it happier. And hate someone today as well, god dammit.

35.000 Ft of Despair
1000 Ft of Hands (Early Mix)
Riding to Work in the Year 2025 (Your Invisible Now)
Buggin’ (lips mix)
A Machine In India (edit)
Okay I’ll Admit It That I Really Dont Understand
The Captain is a Cold Heater
Satellite of You
The Spiderbite Song (early mix)
Slow Motion (early mix)
1000 Ft. Hands (early mix)
Little Hands (early mix)
The Big ol’ Bug

Songs no longer available. Do not contact me regarding this.

IM of the Night:
Argon47: you should rock the winter hat as much as possible
Argon47: chicks dig a man who knows fine headgear
Argon47: if not for me, for the sake of the FMB campaign
mat: can i quote you?
Argon47: I’d be honored

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