a love song tainted with optimism

my god, i wish all girls looked like they did at umass...oh yeah and i have a webcam, god dammitSoundtrack of the dreary and tornado-y day: Frank Zappa’s apostrophe, The Flaming Lips’ soft bulletin companion cd, The Flaming Lips’ Zaireeka/Soft Bulletin rough mixes, The Flaming Lips’ clouds taste metallic unmastered tracks, The Flaming Lips’ Transmission from the Satellite Heart unmastered tracks, The Flaming Lips’ Evening Show Session at BBC One May 1999. Oh yeah, and cos i am such the non-selfish lil’ peep i am, i have brought some music to share with you…
Treat 1: The Flaming Lips: The Captain is a Cold Heater
Treat 2: The Flaming Lips: Buggin’ (lips mix)

-Treat one is just a little random for the lips (?!), but very emotion enducing and has a great cocophonous ending that just falls apart wonderfully
-Treat two is a completely different mix than what is one the CD. this is the true esessence of a re-mix. and god forbid there isnt a house beat behind it! And the way the drums almost kick in is almost like a cock tease. Yes, I just wrote COCK TEASE!

There have been three rock bands that completely changed my life with that what we call ROCK music.

#1 – Jane’s Addiction: It was fall of 1989. I was in 8th Grade if I remember correctly. Originally it was the voice. Looking back, It could have been the makeup as I liked a lot of glam rock back then. Poison, Motley Crue, Def Leppard, Warrant etc. So maybe with Perry and his caked on make up, it all made sense to me. Maybe not. It was the powerful lyrics (maybe then i cared about such petty entities of rock music). Maybe it was Dave using the vibrator on the geetar. Maybe it was Steve’s hair. Or maybe it was Eric’s tattoo and veins. Perhaps it was just amazingly vibrant and different music for a really icky day in the recording industry. None the less, they changed my life and I will never get ill of their 3 full length CDs and endless hours of live shows. And that song MACEO’s CAT rules. Oh yeah, and Becca made this photo project in which she took stills from my Jane’s video of Perry and made this motage that I totally want to own. It’s amazing and i dont think she ever gave herself enough credit for it. I’ll give it to her. Or she could just give it to me.

#2 – Soul Coughing: I first heard them from a friend in high school. I remember him making me a mix. He prolly put on Screenwriter’s Blues. But i wanted one song on there at the end of the mix. Moon Sammy was the song. But the song got cut off. So needless to say, I bought the record. That one song was that good. I think i bought it on cassette. Am i dating myself? That is about all the dating i get these days. Cassettes ruled however. Elektra ones especially, cos they smelled really good! Anyways…i thought this band was cool cos they had an email address in their liner notes. Perhaps one of the first. I remember my friend would email the singer back and forth and the singer dude would try and get him to believe that you could download drugs. It was a funny time. 3.5″ Floppy Pot. But that wasnt the only reason for liking them. Maybe just one small one. Ha! So basically there was this time shortly after where I started smoking mad amounts of pot and various other drugs with my friends. One in particular lived close by. She had amazingly gorgeous lips. We smoked a lot pot. It’s very blurry, but I remember us sitting there and wanting to go to this Soul Coughing show, however our mutual friend was not doing as well as us. Maybe she just needed some herbal momma. So we almost didnt go to the show to console her. Lucky for us, we went and it changed our life. Shortly after that I started running their website and then shortly after that the friend with the lips started kissing the singer and he eventually left really psychotic and desperate messages on her answering machine. God I wish i could hear those. The band eventually broke up and I still keep in touch with the keys dude. It’s neat knowing the real story and knowing that not even the editor at Rolling Stone really knows what happened. Dumb fucks. I will have the keyboardist’s children someday. How does one do that? Oh yeah…very cool things about Soul Coughing in no particular order:
a. the fucking drums could make even the whitest of white persons to get up and dance
b. the bass was huge and an upright (he also wore a LOW tshirt)
c. the lyrics were catchier than a cold and he had a lyric that went something like “skee dunt stunt the runt, smokin’ buddha blunts” – yes that is still cool to this day even with out all the happy drugs
d. the keyboards reminded me of john cage and cartoon music on crack (and for the questionable out there, that is a good thing)

#3 The Flaming Lips: I had always loved this band. I remember getting this one CD Comp and it had a lips song on it. Prolly TURN IT ON. From there I never really got in to them hardcore until I was in the shower sitting on the side contemplating life’s existance or non-existance (as i was living then) and SUPERHUMANs came on. I quickly noticed that all three verses were quite similar so i could sing along by the third verse. I can remember jumping out of the shower, butt ass naked, going to rewind it (yes, cassette again). I remember my nipples never felt cold like that, ever again. So i went back and song like no other skinny white Jew has ever sung like before. It was blissful. Then there was a big hiatus until The Soft Bulletin in 1999. I never really liked this CD until things with my girlfriend started getting too much for me. It gave new meaning to emotion and music. And to this day I still think of driving on that highway that no one else drove on listening to WAITING FOR SUPERMAN. It literally was the soundtrack to Mat’s life for a lot of 2000. So yeah, emotional value mixed with sonic richness and genius always makes for tremendous music. And since then it’s been a few years of search and destroy of finding all the music I can by them. They amaze me at making rock music interesting and not trite and jaded as how it can be all too many times. And the voice is like the 8 year old in me. And the DRUMS! Oh the drums are larger than life. Led Zeppelin to the max. Shoving that drum stick thru your skull and seeing the ear wax ooze out as it shoots out the other side is quite a spectical. Or was that a lyric? Naw, who pays attention to those things. Simple rhythm and melody, you asshole.

That’s all.

Exerpt from an email to Monkey Toes from Mat from 24sept2001 8.40pm:

i am just pessimisting…is that a word? i just made it up, none the less

3 Responses to “a love song tainted with optimism”

  • pessimisting /v./ – being reminiscent of pesimisism. to pessimize.

    pessi (negative)
    mist (misty eyes; looking back; reminiscent)
    ing (the act thereof)

    you read it here first.
    mat has coined a new word.

    the root has lost all meaning….

    signing off – it’s late,
    toes of the monkey

  • Whats the real differnce in Jane’a Addiction and Pornos for Pyros?

  • two different bands…

    jane’s was more angry and angular…

    PFP was warm and friendly – maybe more spiritual

    also a different line up…

    perry – vox
    dave navarro – geetar
    eric avery – bass
    stephen perkins – drums

    perry – vox
    Peter DiStefano – geetar
    martyn lenoble – bass (then later mike watt)
    stephen perkins – drums

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