these mothers is crazy

city of tiny lights...Today I went to Dupont with the Becker. I forget why we wanted to go. We did have some reasons last nite at the diner, but they all seem to escape me right now and when we were both there. I felt like it was a mega-faux pas in looking at all the foxy girls there. It’s like i should only look at dudes there. But none the less, there are some very attractive girls at Dupont. So where do my eyes go? But to the booty of course. Yummy booty! But none that wanna get with me. Phooey. We went to this cool lil’ french store and they has a dope ass WHO lunchbox. The red/white/blue circle target one. I want it!!!

How militant or lax about spelling and grammar are you?: i have to be lax with you because your errors are so funny!
What is your one obsession that makes all your friends think you’re completely insane?: love boat action figures (they are on ebay! buy them for my! birthday is still nov 3)
Was mat in sassy magazine for the above photo? no, he was thathy!
Do you like skinnee jewish boys?: i had a taste for one a while back, not since

idlesparks: does XXXXXXX know youre cheating on her?
mat: uh.
idlesparks: yeah, uh huh, mr. pimp heartbreaker

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  • you THEIFFF!!! you stole my doooo-rag!!! ima come and hunt you down and give you a good ole’fashion whoopin!
    theivery theivery theivery…

    one ANGRY aunt jemima }:

  • what matty didn’t say was that XXXXXXX is BOO BOO KITTY FUCK!!!!!!!!!!

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