sweaty gorrilaz who love to eat pussies

and i still havent found what i'm looking forAll day today, I thought about the idea of having boobies. I wondered if I actually had boobies if i would play with them all day. Supposedly all dudes think they would if they had them. And me included, I most definately would. I am just wondering if in fact they would loose their appeal if we had them. Would we still play with them and see the nipple reaction? I just wouldnt ever want to get sick it. Nipples rule. That is all.

It’s often been said that “A Dog is a Man’s Best CHAIR.” Dogs are very SMELLY and can be taught many CRISPY tricks. A dog can be trained to carry a BULLETIN BOARD in his mouth. And if you throw a M. KRANIAS he will run and fetch it. Dogs will also bark COLORFULLY if a burglar tries to break in to your PORCUPINE during the night. One of the most popular canine pets is the LIPSTICK Spaniel. Spaniels have curly PINK coats and GREEN ears. They also have very SHINY dispositions and live to be SIX years old. Other popular dogs are the MOIST Terriers, German FISHES and the CREAMY Poodle. Every home should have a loyal dog for a BLENDER.

Every Wednesday when I get home from school I have a piano lesson. My teacher is a very strict BIRD. Her name is PHEOBE CATES. Our piano is a Steinway Concert HORN and it has 88 FEETS. It also has a soft pedal and a SMELLY pedal. When I have a less, I sit down on the piano PEN and play for MEZZEZOIC ERA. I do scales to exercise by HAIRS and then I usually play a minuet by JOhann Sebastian CHER. Teacher says I am a natural ASPERIGUS and have good musical NIPPLE. Perhaps when I get better I will become a concert BOWLING BALL and give a recital in Carnegie SILLY PUTTY. But i’d rather be a police officer.

Tonight I went to the diner with the Becca. I dont get to see this girl as much as i should. It’s so funny cos she lives two blocks from me. But none the less it’s great when i do get to see her. She always has the best perspectives to give me about my shitty ass boring life. Yessir. She also said i was “MYSTERIOUS” Am I?! I always thought I was pretty simple and laid out. Maybe not. Hmmm. And tonite we did MAD LIBS too! They rule. Tomorrow we are going to Dupont to do more fun things. I forget exactly what but, Woo! I have plans. It’s been too long since I had those.

xtykat: my paper was stright out of my booty
mat: did it smell like flowers?
xtykat: oh yea…super flowerly
xtykat: i’m not drunk i swear…

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