thay it proud

woah, mat graduates 2000...and loves applebees with the feetsie, scott, lith and momsLast night I started working on KENTARUS. Which was an unfinished MONSIII song. I have no clue why I started working on it. Maybe it was cos of that Jimmy Eat World CD. It made me want to jump up and down. So basically for the past 14 hours i’ve been working on KENTARUS. And I did jump up and down during the process. It’s done. I may use it on MONSIII. I may give it to Daniel for thebobgreene. Or not. I am pretty greedy and dont know how to share, so we’ll see. It’s 3.5 minutes. It’s a pop song. It’s a single. Haha. I like it none the less. And it has a tambourine in it. I played it on my thigh. My thigh is mega bruised. I thought I was going to break skin after 2 hours of smashing it on my thigh. Perhaps it will be track 2. I want to drink wine. Does anyone want to get drunk? Sucks Daniel isnt coming down. Booooo. No fun.

mat: did u ever update my bio?
Lilfeetnik: no i haven’t.
mat: darn
Lilfeetnik: i’m sorry.
mat: s’ok
Lilfeetnik: when is the site going up for sure?
mat: prolly soon
Lilfeetnik: ok. gimme a deadline
mat: let’s say friday
Lilfeetnik: sure
mat: friday 10pm, that’s the 29th mind you 🙂
Lilfeetnik: awesome. i don’t have classes on friday
Lilfeetnik: 28th, brainiac
mat: come on man, my head is shot now!
Lilfeetnik: speaking of brainiac, have you heard them?
mat: yeah
mat: dc based right?
Lilfeetnik: yes
mat: yeah, i am sure i’ve seen them
Lilfeetnik: mike was listening to them last weekend. i liked it.
mat: awesome!
mat: quirky
Lilfeetnik: yes
mat: sorta polvo
Lilfeetnik: those two words written together are aesthetically pleasing to me
mat: isnt that four, mr math girl?
Lilfeetnik: mr?
mat: mister!
mat: I’m A GIRL!
Lilfeetnik: oh you’re asking for it
mat: oooooooooh!
Lilfeetnik: i never should’ve told you anything
Lilfeetnik: 🙁
mat: testy today are we?
Lilfeetnik: honestly, i don’t think any of my exes know me better than you do
mat: hehehe
Lilfeetnik: hell, a lot of my friends don’t either
mat: i am working on the button pushing thing 🙂
Lilfeetnik: i see
mat: 🙂
Lilfeetnik: you’re on crack
Lilfeetnik: you can’t even spell evil
Lilfeetnik: four letters, dude. there are only four letters
mat: oh yeah
mat: haha
Lilfeetnik: i hung out with a cool new girl last night!
mat: ho?
mat: who?
Lilfeetnik: hahaahahaha
mat: 🙂
Lilfeetnik: this girl erin. you probably would’ve had a crush on her if you’d met her
mat: oooh
Lilfeetnik: she reminds me of the chicken girl
Lilfeetnik: plus she drives a lesabre
Lilfeetnik: and i almost had a flashback riding in that car
mat: chicken GIRL!
mat: what ever happened to her?
Lilfeetnik: she lived with melissa for a while
Lilfeetnik: i think she graduated
mat: neato
mat: still in TN?
Lilfeetnik: i don’t think so
Lilfeetnik: i haven’t seen her in months
mat: i talked to melissa, she was in knoxville
Lilfeetnik: cool
mat: she was the sharpest tool in the shed
Lilfeetnik: she was?
mat: her journal was actually very well writen…much less spelling mistakes than i
Lilfeetnik: who’s a sharp tool?
mat: you are!
Lilfeetnik: oh yeah
mat: cos you are THUPER!
mat: a few people at work are saying that now, it’s incredible
Lilfeetnik: ok. i’m never going to mail you anything ever again.
mat: 🙁
Lilfeetnik: (pluth, i don’t have any thtampth)
mat: haaahaaaaaaaaaaa
mat: i had to say that out loud!
Lilfeetnik: haha
Lilfeetnik: thay it loud!
mat: thay it proud!

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