and i cant think of the right words to say

it is that time!  so get to it!Soundtrack of the day: Cat Stevens’ teaster and the firecat, Jimmy Eatworld’s bleed american, & RUSHMORE soundtrack.

So last nite I got all fed up and sucked it up and went to Tower and bought some CDs. I had the full intention of paying 18.99 for the soundtrack and 17.99 for the JEW. Not sure what got in to me. Weird huh?! Turns out I got hooked up at the counter. Maybe it was the indie rock looking girlie at the counter. Could have been. She look a little flustered at the counter. Maybe she couldnt resist the skinee jew factor! Ha! Yeah, could be. I should go back and say “Hey baby, do you like skinee Jewish boys?” Ha! Funny too, cos I bought the Jimmy Eat World without ever hearing a song by them. Only on friend recommendations, which I rarely go by! Go Mat. Also i love how Rachel Haden, the semi-indie rock queen, shows up on this CD! She rules. And I love track 3 (called the MIDDLE) how the palm muted guitar part sounds just like that track from Def Leppard’s hysteria. What is that song? Is it “Run Riot”? I think so. And dont pretend like you dont like that record. Anyone who says that record isnt good is a communist. Dont let anyone ever tell you differently. Even track 12: Love and Affection is a good song. It’s about that killer Steve Clark lead man. And no word from “The Part Timer”. It’s I Give Up Take Two! Arg. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it! But am I really done this time? At least writing about it? Hmmmmm. Cos if I am, most of you would be pretty bored here, huh? I definately dont want that to happen. Ha! I wonder if the saga of Mat and “The Part-Timer” would ever make a Top 10 list of the most weird/interesting/cool OM events.

Oh yeah, speaking of which…enter-> OPERATION: F.M.B.

IM of the day:
idlesparks: pooty
mat: tang?

I want to fall in love tonight.

And today, I met with Bennett (the head head head honcho). Turns out that guy totally can talk his way out of a paper bag. Cos I had planned on totally putting my foot down to the move. So we compramized. He asked me to try it for 2 months. I said 2 weeks, no more. He really thought I was gonna quit. I will give it my best though cos that will give me the best clout in the end. But the bottom line is that I took the job to work with the people I do now. Not the other web nerds. However some are pretty cool. Arg…so if they wont let me move back after my 2 week trial period I will start looking for a new job. So be it.

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