maeve is all confused, she thinks aunt laura is pregnant

someday i'll be as cool as you...or you wont--- mat circa 1994, his senior year yearbook (11k image)I love it when it locks up right before I am about to hit submit. FUCK!

To recap:

Friday: I cant even remember what i did. Oh wait. What the fuck?! I hung out with co-workers. We went to Strike Bowling in Bethesda for Laura and her last day at work. It was mad fun. Laura is a fun girl. And there was this really big tittied waitresses there. Her boobs were going to explode. It was sick! You could kill someone with those boobs.
Saturday: Nothing during the day that comes to mind off hand. Met up with Tolya who is Emily’s best friend since she was 16. I would have been all about her if i knew her in high school (see pic). I really like Emily’s closer and longer-known (childhood) friends much more so than her more recent friends. Maybe because it’s more about love than friendship. Or maybe cos her newer friends smell. I dont know! We went to the One World Cafe. I got the Vegan Burger. She brought it with cheese. And it’s a “vegetarian” place. Fucking idiot waitress. And they gave her a 15% tip. What the fuck?! But you cant argue with two ex-waitresses about that shit. Dont get me wrong. I like to tip well…and overtip well too. But i dont give pitty tips. There is no reason. Just my opinion. After that we went to the New Haven Lounge to check out good jazz. Turned out to be a funk band which wasnt a bad thing. The drummer was not funky however. He was a rock drummer who really liked to play 32nd note triplet rolls. I think the toms that were tuned low gave the rock thing away. The flugelhorn was a nice touch though. After that and after Tolya got hit on by some drunk man we went out separate ways. And on a side note, the only reason she didnt tell the dude to fuck off was because he was black. We live in a twisted world. Just thank goodness we didnt end up going to a dance club.
Sunday: Emily did packing. I did surfing on the net. We made soup. There was a rutabaga in it somewhere. I peeled the meat off the turkey. I thought i was gonna puke. I tried a roasted beet. It was better than the crab meat i had the week before. We exchanged rings. It was cute.
Today: I got yet another site to work on. Fucking ay. Give me more. I want it all. Ugh.
Tomorrow: Music Research Meeting with the PD and MD. I am so lucky i got asked to go.
Wednesday: Music Research Meeting recap.
Thursday: Sedar with the family friends and Emily for Passover. Her first Sedar, i think. She’ll still have to sit at the goy table. She really doesnt believe me.
Friday: Prolly last minute packing with Emily then my family asked Emily to dinner
Saturday: The big Emily move to Takoma Park
Sunday: Easter lunch with Emily’s family which will be fun and then Prince. It still hasnt hit me.

Mental notes:
-stay off this machine more
-read the pile of books next to bed
-get my mind off the bong
-call Mark, work out 6 month old kinks in contract
-fix message board
-clean clean clean
-move drums to basement
-stop missing emily so much
-use more complete sentances
-listen to more richard hell and the new york no-wave scene

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